Sunday, June 10, 2012


Emotional Vampire and Free Loader

Beware of these two kinds of person.

Emotional Vampire and Free Loader.
Emotional vampire drains your energy by pouring out their emotional issues unto you while Free loader emptied your wallet and especially your food plate.
Emotional vampire sucks your energy but Free loader digs your belongings.
Statistics shows that among these two creatures Filipino hate most is a free loader.
Maybe because Filipino can relate to the endless-bitter-story of a Drama Queen than to a Never-ending-hunger-pangs of a Leecher. But unfortunately number shows that many Filipino fall victim of a free loader.

We will focus on this interesting persona – Free loader.
According to Freeloader is the one who depends on another for support without reciprocating and a person who habitually imposes on others for free food or lodging.
They are also called as:
Leech, (as in Linta...sip sip sip….)
And to some people I know, it's a person who changes their mood for the worse just by being around.

A freeloader is a talented person and his bag has thousands of tricks. He is also an artist!

Freeloaders are professionals. They’re subtle. They’re versatile. They run complicated scams and convoluted cons on us. They always have their antennae up for any little clue they might find useful. Like the predators they are, they’re constantly sizing us up to see what they can get out of us. They’re looking for personality traits they can use against us, like gullibility, kindness, a trusting nature, or a soft heart. Even our pride is useful to them-because then they can employ flattery, or “gratitude,” to get what they want.

Be aware this kind of person commonly found on your community, circle of friends or worst on your family.
Or on your work and sometimes he is just a cubicle away. 

If you’re susceptible to guilt, it makes you an easy target. If you’re a sympathetic person, quick to feel sorry for those who are going through tough times, or if you easily empathize with others, then you’re an even better target. If you’re concerned about other people’s opinions and want everybody to think you’re nice, that’s like a flashing neon “Sucker” sign over your head.
To a free loader, if you have trouble saying “No,” that’s a sign of weakness which he can exploit. If we’re efficient, or pride ourselves on being “problem-solvers,” then the freeloader will give us a problem to solve for him.
If we have a “rescuer” mentality, freeloader will help us satisfy those urges. Freeloaders are looking for “people pleasers.”

The Bible tells us to set a limit- to decide in our hearts what, if anything, to give- and stick with it. We are only to give freely, not because we were forced or pressured to give.
 We have absolutely no scriptural obligation to a freeloading person.
So be aware and lots of care!

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