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Korean Dramas in the Philippines

The following are the Korean dramas that have become hits in the Philippines (Dubbed in Tagalog Version). I've seen some of these dramas in our local TV, which is, of course, dubbed in Tagalog but when I discovered the online drama sites, I prefer to watch it subtitled than dubbed.  
GMA Network has aired a score of dramas, including
  • Full House,
  • All About Eve,
  • My Name is Sam Soon,
  •  Stairway to Heaven,
  • Jewel in the Palace,
  •  Endless Love I: Autumn in My Heart,
  •  Endless Love II: Winter Sonata,
  •  Endless Love III: Summer Scent,
  • Jumong,
  •  Moon Embracing the Sun,
  • Dong Yi,
  •  Queen Seon Deok,
  • Temptation of Wife,
  •  Angel's Temptation,
  • Big Thing,
  •  Secret Garden,
  • Playful Kiss,
  • Attic Cat,
  •  Love Story in Harvard,
  •  Baker King,
  •  Bright Girl,
  •  Lie To Me,
  • Coffee Prince,
  • Hwang Ji Ni,
  •  Sassy Girl: Chun-Yang,
  •  Shining Inheritance,
  • The Legend,
  • Witch Yoo-Hee
  • IRIS
  • Dong Yi
  • Drunken to Love You
  • God of Study
  • IRIS
  • Lie to Me
  • Smile, Dong Hae
  • The Greatest Love
  • Temptation of an Angel
ABS-CBN also shared a number of Koreanovelas, including
  • Marrying a Millionaire,
  • 101st Proposal,
  • Green Rose,
  • Memories of Bali,
  •  A Love to kill,
  • Boys Over Flowers,
  • Cinderella's Sisters,
  • City Hunter,
  • Dream High,
  •  Equator Man,
  •  first love,
  • Forbidden Love,
  •  Heartstrings.
  • Helena's Promise,
  •  He's Beautiful,
  • I am Legend,
  • Lovers in Paris,
  • Lovers,
  •  Marry me Mary,
  • My Girl,
  • My Fair Lady,
  •  My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,
  •  My Princess,
  •  Oh Feel Young,
  •  Only You,
  • Perfect Match,
  •  Princess Hour,
  • Pure Love,
  •  Save the Last Dance for Me,
  • Something About 1%,
  • Spring Waltz,
  • Stained Glass,
  • Which Star are you from,
  • A Gentleman's Dignity..
  • Oh lala Couple
  • Dream High
  • City Hunter
  • Scent Of A Woman
  • Protect The Boss
  • Heartstrings
  • Dream
  • Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  • Can’t Lose
  • A Thousand Days
  • To the Beautiful You
TV 5 started airing few Kdramas such as
  • Giant
  • Wife Returns
  • You Are My Destiny
  • Pink Lipstick
  • What's for Dinner?
  • Love You A Thousand Times
  • White Lies
  • Flames of Desire
  • First Wives Club
 I know Channel 5 aired some korean dramas even before it became TV5, I just can't remember the titles and I can't find any source for it. If you know, please do share.
This is my list thanks for the sources!If I missed something please leave a comment, so have you seen all of these? 


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