Monday, June 25, 2012

Video Review : Sandara's Secret Weapon

First and foremost I am not a video critique I just have this habit of observing the backdrop, back scene or back ground of movies, series and shows (actually from back scene to the main cast).

My latest observation was on this video, and I found it very interesting.
On this video Dara confessed her real feelings for Taeyang (member of BigBang) and her secret weapon when she made the music video with Taeyang.

You can see an empty seat (encircled) beside Dara ….(click each image to enlarge)

an empty seat (encircled) beside Dara …. 

actually there were two vacant seats, and it’s for Nich Khun and Woo young of 2PM group. 
Every time Dara cracked a joke, the camera focused on the guests’ reaction, especially to Nich Khun and Woo Young laughing heartily! And they were seated exactly on the same vacant seats beside Dara!!

Nich Khun
Woo Young 

the screen returned to Dara and there's a vacant seat again! 

It’s so weird isn’t it?

My conclusions on this video:
 Its either the 2PM members (Nich Khun and Woo young) were late during the shoot of that particular scene, Dara's Confession, or
they left early for other commitment, then the show's video/ film editor just inserted those captured moments of 2PM Nich Khun and Woo young, where they were laughing, to show that they were still there.

That’s the power of film editing...


images from Youtube
credit: Royalace Subs

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  1. jOen said... 7/06/2012 9:13 PM

    hahahaha.! OMG! i'd never noticed it until you said so.! haha.. you have a great eye.! ;)

  2. Simply Princess said... 7/07/2012 10:40 PM

    Thank you Joen...I'm just a head over heels fan of Dara...^_^

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