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Korean Drama Websites and Blogs

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I like Korean drama but I don't have drama reviews, recaps or any particular drama that I promote. I guess lots of korean drama lovers and bloggers already done that, they are the best of the best bloggers when it comes to reviews and recaps. I just read their blog and learn from them. I want to share my list of sites and blogs about Korean drama. Thanks to these bloggers for their dedication and for making time to review and to recap our favorite drama. Actually there are a lot of sites out there partially or completely devoted to Korean Drama.  Here are a few of them, just click the name if you want to visit the site.

Korean Drama Information 
Asian Wiki
Drama Wiki
Han Cinema 
My Drama List 
Soompi forums

For streaming or download sites

News, Gossip, and Life in Korea sites

Drama Commentary, Reviews, and Recaps
DramaTic ( site moved to The Vault)
The World of Recaps
You Don’t Know Me
Young Ajummah

I'm sure I missed some, please feel free to add.

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  1. Bets Eyrue said... 7/27/2017 1:52 AM

    I am thankful to this blog for assisting me. I added some specified clues which are really important for me to use them in my writing skill. Really helpful stuff made by this blog.

  2. Kamran Gujjar said... 2/21/2018 11:26 PM

    I love Korean Drama and you

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