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What is an Ajumma Fan?

An Ajumma fan of Rain
There is an impression that KPOP idol fans and followers are seem to be teenagers (middle school, high school) and maybe some college students, but lo and behold, there’s a type of fan that as old as your mom and even as old as your great grand mom!! OK that’s an exaggeration, maybe as old as your grand mom only.
Many Hallyu icons, mostly KPOP boy groups and actors have older fans or Ajumma fans. An ajumma is an adult female individual of married age from 30 to 60.

For more definite meaning of Ajumma please read my post “What is an Ajumma?”. Ajumma fans are older fans and they’re one of the most loyal fans in the world (Yes- world, because no one can surpass their undying admiration). 

I made up these two kinds of Ajumma fan-

Normal Ajumma Fan

Some were decent, loyal, sweet and shy Ajumma fan, who support/love/follow their idol/bias/favorite. The majority of fans of certain (KPOP or Hollywood) celebrities only appreciate their talent, work, (good looks is an added bonus), and no harm done.That's the category I myself fall under (But I am not an ajumma yet, ok?)If I get to meet my idols, fine, and if not, that's fine too. 

Here's a confession of one Ajumma fan   and  there’s also some Ajummas in the Philippines! (click to read the article)

Obsessed Ajumma Fan
While on the other side, there are also some Tyrannosaurus ajumma fans, who’s head over heels obsessed with their KPOP bias(read favorite icon) and they were the boldest, the loudest, the strongest, and the craziest fan ever.  They almost put their idols on pedestal and start idol worshiping  A healthy admiration turn into a sick obsession.They even have an Ajumma Army, complete with props, banners and uniforms. They are present in every Fan meetings, concerts and any KPOP events. I once had the opportunity to watch a KPOP concert, and it’s so bizarre for me to see old ladies at the concert with neon light stick, waving, shouting, chanting, and crying as if there’s no tomorrow. They even call their idol “Oppa” even if its three decades their junior! (Well few normal ajumma fan also called their idol “Oppa”). 

Here are few fangasm of an Ajumma fan (click to read article)
 You can also see them wailing when their idols bid goodbye off to military service.
Usual scenario on Military Service Enlistment Event 
Even though  these ajummas are expressing their devotion and support, it's still creepy to see them like this who's almost beyond reason.

They are the type of fan that [maybe] you’ll consider too old to act that way, too old to like KPOP music or too old to like young celebrities.I believe there’s no age limit in admiration, we’re free to like any one, anytime, and no one shouldn't be ashamed of that feeling.Young or not. I just hope that they act their age, being too obsessive about any one thing or person is not healthy or productive and please know the boundary between reality and fiction. 

Fan obsession at its worst(at any age)
There are celebrities that some people get hooked on, then become the subject of many fantasies that the fans slip into this fantasy world and don't want to leave.
Their "deep admiration" that they called love, goes as far as stalking, fans sometimes cross the line and enter the frightening realm of stalkerdom. They develops an "intense" relationship with a star, such as the belief that the fan and star have some special bond. Some are scary, they are willing to hurt themselves or other people or do something illegal in the name of a star.This is not limited to older fans, regardless of age, this kind of fan is the scariest of all. 

These are entirely my thoughts, If anyone believes that something needs to be added or changed, feel free t o say so. 

 credits to the rightful owner of images

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