Friday, July 27, 2012

Ever since I've heard her sing her own version of  Somewhere Over the Rainbow at X Factor Philippines..she totally blew me away.. and I can't get over it...I just love her voice and style..another star was born.
KZ Tandingan
Full version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow... hear it for your self...

and below was her first live audition at X-Factor Philippines by ABSCBN Network 

This song is one of my all time favorite, it reminds me of my childhood and simply because it's an excellent demonstration of good music. Smooth melody, a great voice, and sincerely saying something in a simple yet elegant manner. 
Let us support KZ Tandingan !!

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Full version video by 
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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I just found these videos of Big Bang's Parody of Secret Garden and since i love Big Bang as well as the Korean drama Secret Garden..I will post it here and share it with you.. and I really laughed out loud..
Secret Garden starring Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won    
Sit Up scene - Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin

Kiss at Cafe - Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin
 and Big Bang Version!!!
 Secret Big Bang (Secret Garden Parody) 1


                                            Secret Big Bang (Secret Garden Parody) 2

videos from You Tube
 by annangel100

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My random picture this month....from my morning zit to my Korean stuff  obsession...  
When i woke up one morning  and surprise!! pimple on my forehead!!ahh!!

morning of tangled hair...and zit..

left over Tteokbokki - korean street's kinda messy..sorry..I forgot to take a photo when it was still fresh.. 

 this door sign in our office' cafe  reminds me of  2NE1 first album 
2NE1 first album - Two Anyone

carrot shake - i try to drink one,daily...but it always ends up in the kitchen sink...see? it's already there..

Newly open Etude House branch at Market! Market!

clusters of children chattered busily... when i visited a grade school class room 

blurred picture of one of my cotton shirt from S.Korea..another obsessions

my kisses!! colorful!

my Beef  Ramyon - the best in rainy season!yum yum yum!  

class room where i slept..i mean.. i took my civil service exam...

Best wishes to my lovely Korean Sem(teacher) Miya and Sir Sidney on their wedding in Seoul..
Sem..nabihag ka nang isang Pinoy..^_^

not so good pics from ...not a so good photographer...til next flash!

Monday, July 16, 2012


The "Ocean Eleven" of Seoul were all set with steamy kissing scene that teases all fans!

Star-studded action movie , The Thieves, finally sets its long awaited debut date on July 25. The movie released a new trailer and a hot kissing scene between half naked Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun was the highlight of the trailer.

the half-naked Kim Soo Hyun grabs the back of Jeon Ji Hyun and pulls in for a kiss. 

The Thieves tells story about a bunch of Korean and Chinese thieves who are planning to steal a huge diamond in Macau casino. Also known as “The Professionals,” the Korean version of “Oceans Eleven”  will feature several exotic locations and an all-star cast.

Kim Soo Hyun-the younger thieves 

I’m glad to give Kim Soo Hyun my first Kiss - Jun Ji Hyun
It was first time for Miss Jun Ji Hyun to film a kissing scene in a domestic movie and she was glad that she did it with a younger actor Kim Soo Hyun.
The cast of the upcoming film includes Lee Jung Jae, Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji Hyun, Kim Hye Soo, Kim Yoon Seok, Kim Hae Sook, Oh Dal Soo, Angelica Lee,  Derek Tsang, and Simon Yam.

Can't wait to see this big budgeted movie! 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 25, 1928 -July 10 2012

What will happen to the world when you die?
As eerie as it was but have you ever think of it even for a second?
What will happen when you die?
Would it be…
One thing is sure…
The world will stay as it was, but the world of your loved ones and those who loves you
 will never be the same again.
Farewell Tito Dolphy…
Thank You King of Comedy
Maraming Salamat . 

Saturday, July 14, 2012


If you like the movie Sanctum or 127 Hours, you will surely like this fight-for-your-survival flick too...I've seen this just yesterday and its really worth watching. 

This film is not the typical B-rated human-killing movie by predators. There are substantial character’s development, especially to Liam Neeson who portrayed as John Ottway, the main character that leads the group of survivors from the deadly attack by the wolves in the wild Alaska.

What’s good on this film is not purely on how good the plot is or how well the casts performed or how extreme the wolves can be against the humans. The film also highlights the significance of man’s interior struggle for survival. This theme is being carried out very well throughout the whole film. Some might give up even their life after trying so hard and tired over so many things ( in this film, the freezing nature of the place and the numerous approach by the deadly wolves). It’s not intended to teach the viewers to perceive life negatively, but sees it with depth.(And another film of Liam, what do you expect?of course, its freaking awesome!)

Synopsis from Google:
‘The Grey’ is a 2012s thriller film with story revolves on a number of men stranded in wild Alaska after a plane crash, who are forced to survive using little more than their wits, as a pack of grey wolves stalks them. The movie’s title (The Grey) is more than just referring to the grey wolves portrayed in this film that did numerous attacks to the plane-crash survivors. The title also refers to the overall setting and mood of the film, in a mostly black and white environment with dark event within the snow. A simple title, yet provides amazing multiple representation of the movie overall.
Enjoy watching!

Movie synopsis from Google.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Don’t you know that  having a young boyfriend is the new trend today ? I thought women tend to prefer men a few years older than them but I was wrong because women today prefer young men!!!
Having a young BF is not a big news now a days and its not just happening in the West but in Asia too. That is why goo Ranking asked some women about the benefits of having a younger boyfriend.
(Question was asked to 661 females in Japan)
11.3% in their teens,
17.0% in their twenties,
28.4% in their thirties,
25.5% in their forties,
10.2% in their fifties,
7.7% aged sixty or older.
And the ranking result of the survey is:

Q: What are the good things about having a younger boyfriend?

Rank Score
1 He makes me feel young too 100
2 He's cute 97.5
3 He's surprisingly reliable 76.2
4 He expresses his feelings upfront 74.2
5 His innocent smile is healing 64.8
6 He's surprisingly thoughtful 51.6
7= He wants to be spoiled 51.2
7= Because he's so lively it's fun to be together 51.2
7= He sometimes shows me his grown-up side 51.2
10 He tries with all his might to please me 49.2
11 I become upfront too 42.2
12 His passionate behavior is easy to understand 36.1
13 I don't need to aim too high 34.8
14 He obediently takes in people's advice 29.5
15= I can enjoy teaching him various things 28.3
15= He listens to me with loving care 28.3
17 His elegance 27.5
18 It's easy to mold him into the kind of guy I like 25.4
19 He doesn't really get angry when slighted 24.2
20 He accepts my selfishness 23.8
Hmmm should I start looking on the other side of the fence and find a cute young man and not an old chauvinist pig, ops i mean, man?
Survey was taken last 19th and 20th of April 2012 from the members of goo Research.
Fhevs, Angie and PA
I've seen lots of pictures of my friends (posted in Facebook) showing their pouty orange lips.
I was dazzled by the bright color and I find its so gorgeous...and I even liked and commented on their pictures.
Little did I know that the state of the art orange lips was just an App or application!
and not by an orange real lipstick. OMG - I’m so out dated!
Then one day, I've heard an office mate musing and asking where to buy an Orange lipstick...because his girlfriend saw it too in FB!And  here I thought I was the only naïve-outdated-pumpkin in this world!Ha-ha.
Well if ever you want an orange lipstick and I mean real lipstick.
Why don’t you try and shine with this daring shade this season from ETUDE House - Miss Tangerine?!
Reinvent yourself and show your adventurous side with fresh tangerine flush!!

Try Miss Tangerine from ETUDE house (boutique @ Megamall Bldg B)

Etude House
Model - Sandara Park
Merc Furing for Fhevs, Angie and PA image

Are you a Grass-Eating Male?
Have you ever heard of this term before? Does your friend a Herbivore? Don’t get me wrong, this is totally different from Vegetarian or Vegan.
This term(Herbivore or Soshoku Danshi) is widely known or popular in Japan, it is a figurative term for the new heterosexual Japanese men. This term has nothing to do with what guys eat but its their classification or category because these men aren't really interested in matters of the flesh or simply put they doesn't appear to be interested in women or sex. One of the reason of the alarming problem of declining birth rate in Japan.

 Multiple recent surveys suggest that about 60 percent of young Japanese men — in their 20s and early 30s — identify themselves as herbivores. The sensitive New Age men have finally arrived in the land of salary man.
 They are drawn to a quieter, less competitive life, focusing on family and friends — and eschewing the macho ways of the traditional Japanese male. They are also more conscious on their fashion style and look. This is what I've seen on the two Japanese Movies: Paradise Kiss and High School Debut, wherein the lead actor was a fashion designer and fashion adviser respectively.
Otomen (Manga and Live Drama version)
The TV show Otomen (Girly Guys) wherein the lead character is a martial arts expert, the manliest guy in the whole school. But his secret passions include sewing, baking and crocheting clothes for his stuffed animals.
"I will hide my true nature," he vows in the first episode, as he sews secretly, shut away in his living room. "At all times, I will be a man — a real Japanese man," he says.
But what does that mean?
"It's not so much that men are becoming more like women. It's that the concept of masculinity is changing," says Katsuhiko Kokobun a fashion expert. Over the years, he has seen more and more men coming into the salon — men who he describes as "more modest, less demanding, kind of passive; they accept what they're told."
 He noticed that nowadays men are demanding more traditionally female treatments. That is why Katsuhiko Kokobun’s salon offers eyebrow plucking and facials for men and eyebrow plucking is very popular among high school boys! (As of this writing I already know that men are actually more vain than women)
Tokyo Street Fashion
 Back in the 80s, Japanese men had to be passionate and aggressive, but now those characteristics are disliked. Today young Japanese men have very mild personalities. They simply enjoy what they like without prejudice. They are not limited by expectations.
"Back then, lots of men liked desserts, but it was considered uncool. Cool men had to like alcohol or spicy food.
“I've discovered my father likes eating dessert, but he never showed it in the past," One Japanese said.
But there are fears about the financial and social impact of herbivores. Their low levels of spending and lack of interest in sex invoke two of Japan's biggest problems: its lackluster economy and declining birthrate. Herbivores like to be friends with women — but for many, that's as far as it goes. Friends.No more no less.
And, of course, there is a name, too, for the economically empowered working Japanese women who know what they want: THE CARNIVORE WOMEN (career women who likes  money, power and of course sex). With herbivore boys and carnivore girls, it seems the land of samurai, sumo wrestlers and geisha girls is remaking its gender landscape anew.
credits for image

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Published on Jul 6, 2012 by 
▶ NOW available on iTunes:
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The newly evolving 2NE1,
who will embark on their first ever global tour,
has finally released a new single "I LOVE YOU."
The new single, an electro-pop genre music,
is another masterpiece that featured

2NE1의 새로운 진화의 시작이 될
월드투어와 함께 2012년의 포문을 열어가는
Electro-POP, 뉴 싱글 " I LOVE YOU "
새로운 사운드, 새로운 멜로디, 새로운 가사,
새로운 목소리, 새로운 퍼포먼스로
새롭게 진화하세요!

For More Information @
App Store:
Google Play:

vidoes and info's from 2NE1 Official You Tube channel

 Lee Min Ho was asking me silly questions..."what? What miles per hour?"
I woke up and saw a pencil rolling on the floor barely registered in my sleepy head and I stared at it blankly.

"Ro-rolling pencil...Pencil? Where am I?"

Then a kind woman in my front handed me the pencil. 

"Huh??Gasp! I'm taking an exam!! And I fell asleep in seconds!!"

It happened almost 2 months ago, I literally fall Zzzz in the middle of the exam and even dreamt of Lee Min Ho.
I went to my examination room armed with nothing but pencil and my registration form.
No sleep, no breakfast and no shower. I went there just right after the emergency-over-time-night-shift in my work.
Tsk, who says only Doctors are on call 24/7?

One part of the exam was problem solving and honestly I'm not good in numbers and simple math question has a sleeping pills effect on me. So what do you expect on my exam day - Sleepy head plus math problems? I doze off in an instant.

They said that the exam this year was the easiest exam in history, huh? Maybe that's the reason I finished the exam 30 minutes earlier! I'm so proud of myself right there and then, until I realized that I'm one of the last examiners and some were all done and left hour ago! Hah! So much for being so proud - dream on Princess!

Oh did I mentioned that before the exam the proctor told us to turn off our cell phones and while she was saying that, one phone suddenly rung and that phone was..who else, but mine?!!  

And not an ordinary tone but a loud ring tone of Sandara Park's song - Kiss :  

I just wanna kiss! I never wanna missed 더 짜릿하게 one more time 내 숨을 가져가”.  

I ran on the front where all of our bags were and turn it off and all eyes were on me. 

Tsk, Princess you are so classic.

Lee Min Ho - now i know what "man of my dream" means 
 I left the school, with headphones on my ear, shaking my head, smiling like crazy with my experience, all of that zap and zing and zzz in my special day of Civil Service Exam.
I'll not be surprised if I didn't passed. Tsk.

Image source: Google and
My ring tone - Kiss by Sandara Park

Friday, July 06, 2012

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Simply Princess

Thursday, July 05, 2012

2NE1 had proven them selves on their craft but I really  wonder how these beautiful ladies look like without make up and  when they were just an ordinary people like us, here’s the photo that I’ve found..thanks to and YG Entertainment.  Actually they still look the same today as they did years ago. 
without make up,picture released by YG  Entertainment

Dara and Bom when they were just trainees in YG

2NE1 today
Today they just got some changes in hair,make up and fashion sense of course, Love CL’s hair as well on Bom,so glamorous  while Minzy retained her short hair and Dara is beautiful as ever.
Many people asked me if Dara undergone plastic surgery, well to answer you guys, N-O, she did not. Dara has a natural double eyelid, which is very rare in Korean. They said she has a high cheekbones now compared before when she was just a talent of ABSCBN. The truth is she is thinner than before due to busy schedule and rehearsal but she looked so much better today than before.  Like I said nothing changes on Dara, just the outfit and hair, she is still her..beautiful as ever.