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Clara's Diary

my well-loved-worn-out copy 

About a year ago, I’ve read a cartoon clip in Manila Seoul, a Korean newspaper, and I thought it was just a weekly comic strip in that newspaper, I was so delighted when I’ve read that it was a piece from a book - Clara’s Diary by Miss Ha Young Ju.
Before going to office I inquired at National Bookstore if they have a copy and you know what? They only have one copy left! And it was destined to be mine.  Clara’s Diary was released by New Day Publishers; it was about the perceptions of one Korean student  Miss Ha Young Ju or simply Clara, in our country and its culture when she was studying here in the Philippines. I’ve already read lots of book that replicates Filipino culture and traditions but this book is interesting and quite fun because it was ‘Philippines thru a foreigner’s eye’.

Her comments on the following stuff were so hilarious yet correct (and some were embarrassing):

  •       huge extended Filipino families
  •       gays
  •       ghost stories
  •       balut
  •       basketball
  •       Rice
  •       San Miguel beer
  •       Filipino time
  •       Traffic
  •       MRT cum sauna
  •       Malls
  •       White beach
  •       tarsiers
  •       Public service
  •       Movable holidays
  •       Long lines and long break time on government agencies

Her funny yet insightful comments on our country’s beautiful and not so beautiful “eccentricities” were so honest and straight forward and what make it more entertaining to read were the cute comic strips. I've read it in one sitting and I can’t help but to laugh crazily on each page.
I don’t read someone else’s diary but this is something you should definitely have on your bookshelf!
And oh did I mention that I even emailed her just right after reading it? Yes, I just want to let her know that I really appreciate her book, and she was so kind to write back.
And I also admire her for donating her royalties to a fund for the street children.

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