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 Lavender Field
I've lost count of my aliases, but this one, Lavender, is my favorite not because it’s a unique name but because of the memories attached to it.
I once worked in Eagle Ridge, a golf and country club. The sports club, where I was assigned was so far from the main gate and because it’s a very private place, public transportations were not allowed, so some employees were using motorcycle, or car to work. There's also a service or a shuttle bus provided by the company but I’m not entitled to it because it’s exclusively for regular employees (discrimination!).
And believe it or not, a 'Princess like me cannot afford a motorbike or a car, or even a horse, so my option is: Tadaah!! --> bicycle! 

But of course, a Korean bicycle!

That's when they started calling me Lavender or Lav, because like in Lavender, a Taiwanese series that time, the heroine ride a bicycle to her work.

At first I was shy using it…especially when people in their cars, looking at me with a question on their face, maybe why I was riding a bicycle. And my onlookers were not limited to my co-workers but also club's guests and even foreigners! They were looking and smiling at me and with camera on their hands, I doubt if they didn't took a picture or two! (Hey I didn't know A tourist attraction? whoa...ha-ha)
Yes, riding a bicycle is so ordinary thing but in my case it’s a novelty, because who is in her right mind will ride a bike in an uphill land? And a gurl? Well, only a weird-and-poor-princess like me.
But as day goes by, I get used to it not because I became so popular (so conceited-haha), but because of the beautiful scene that people missed every day. Imagine having a 360 degree full view of green grass with wild flowers and fresh morning mist from pine trees, chirping birds as if they're singing with me and a cold weather. How breathtakingly beautiful it was to start a day.
Then when people saw me on the road they started waving their hellos and some honking their car horns as a greeting and few crazy even shouted my name: Lavender!!
I just stayed there for over a year and I returned home, and since then no one is calling me Lavender anymore, and no matter how cliché it may seems, the memories of that name and that place will be forever in my heart and that's how my nostalgic name Lavender means to me.

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  1. Mark Anthony Sausa said... 6/19/2012 9:50 PM

    yeah I remember those times you mentioned that alias and that bicycle in your snail mails way back college days. . god i miss your snail mails. . hehehe

  2. Simply Princess said... 6/21/2012 5:43 PM

    yaan mo one day'll get one..^^

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