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Korean Dramas Cliche's Part 2

I received lots of good feedback on my KoreanDrama Cliche's Part 1 . Thank you guys!. I had a lot of fun writing my first part and couldn't wait for my second part.  This is dedicated to all Korean drama lovers and to all of my friends who love, like and watch Korean dramas, and especially to you who reads my blog. Enjoy!  

1. Female leads who eat large amounts of rice or noodles or meat stay skinny as hell
Coffee Prince, Full House, City Hunter, Heading to the Ground, and Boys Over Flowers -  "Maybe I eat like a pig but I still got a super hottie boyfriend. Jealous much?"
2. Everyone has cancer or terminal illness.
 Autumn in my Heart, Scent of a Woman, The snow Queen, and Summer Scent- "Don't worry I'll not die, I'll be here up to the last episode". 

3. There's always a public bath scene in every Korean drama all with eating hard boiled egg.

 Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste and Lie to Me, - "Wearing this cute bun towel makes it perfect."

4. This mandatory scene of drinking soju in street booth, and that magic sentence: "Ahjumma, more soju please!"

 My Princess, Cinderella Man, Marry Me Mary, Rooftop Prince - Kumbei!Harrkk!!

5. Piggy back ride - nothing beats this must have scene for a drama couple. Actually there's two  types of piggy back ride scene.
1. The sweet and cheesy i'll-carry-you-on-my-back-as- a- sign- of- my- love type.
 Lie to me, Playful Kiss, Love Rain, Stairway to Heaven and Coffee Prince - "She's having so much fun breaking my back"

2.The piggy-back rides for drunk female lead that can’t walk her way home, a damsel in distress, and the female guy will bring her home safely.  
My name is Kim Sam Soon, Personal Taste, Marry Me Mary, and My Princess - "This is so much cheaper than taking a taxi" 

6. Emotional crying scenes of lead men. That turning point scene showing lots of emotions and feelings with a vast amount of waterworks. 
Operation Proposal, Moon Embracing the Sun, Boys Over Flowers, Dream High 1, and He's Beautiful -"Ahh, my tears please come out!!"  

Gaksital- "omma..omma..ommaaaaaaa."

6. One of the much obligatory in dramas, is randomly U-turns in the middle of a freeway, anytime , anywhere.

 "I can u-turn, anywhere here right? They will surely understand, right? "  

7. There will always be a mean girl trying to steal the lead guy away and she is usually always prettier then the hero girl, which makes you hate the mean girl even more.
Lie to Me, Gaksital, My name is Kim Sam Soon, and My Girl - "What? Stealing you're BF? It's not my fault that I'm gorgeous than you are. Move on Bitch!"

8.No off button? The drama characters will take the battery out to make it seem more dramatic than simply turning it off.Well, that shows they mean business anyway.
Shining Inheritance - Hah! Let's see if this annoying gadget will ring again?!!

So there! and there's lot of cliches that I haven't discuss yet. Anyways, hopefully you enjoyed reading this one as much I enjoyed writing it. So, which of these cliche's you love or hate most?

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  1. Keri said... 10/24/2017 7:02 PM

    All so true. And let us not forget the instant illness that befalls them the minute they get a drop of rain on them, so that one has to stay and take care of the other. Usually watching them sleep. If it's really bad, they might have to piggyback to the hospital. :)

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