Monday, June 25, 2012

Sandara's Secret Weapon

While looking for article about Sandara Park or simply Dara, I stumbled upon this video clip, cut from Strong Heart, a popular  variety show in Korea , an episode where Dara and Bom (another 2NE1 member) were one of the guests.
On this video Dara confessed her real feelings for Taeyang (member of Big Bang) and her secret weapon when she made the music video (I Need a Girl) with Taeyang. Whether its in Philippines or in Korea, Dara is still and always be a krung krung. Every one laughed out loud on her antics and jokes.
I've seen this for the nth and I will never get tired watching it over and over again, Dara never failed to make me laugh ^^...and only Dara has such novelty. 
Enjoy watching! Doo Dong!

I don't own this video
source Youtube
credit: Royalace Subs

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