Friday, June 01, 2012


Late Summer Fall

Have you ever tripped over an animal?
Because I did, just few days  ago, 31st of May last day of summer...
The last time I fell over was just last month ,and guess where? In a wet market. 
Yes, in a muddy, slippery floor of a wet market. I went to the market right after my nightshift and I was so sleepy and the next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor and all eyes were on me. Should I stand up and act as if nothing happened? Or just lie still and pray that the earth swallowed me for that embarrassing stunt?
I chose the latter and kind people helped me to stand up... And that was last month.
And it happened again.
And now I'm fallin' 
Fallin' fast again 
Why do I always take a fall ...

After taking a bath I supposed to dry my wet feet on the bathroom's rug but instead of a rug I felt a soft dog's mane! (I am blind without my glasses)
Whatta F?!!! Simba was sleeping again on the bathroom's door??!!! So I step aside to avoid my dog but my  wet bare foot stepped a slippery floor then viola!

It happened so fast I don't even had the time to grab or hold onto anything..
I fell on the floor and my back hit a hard tin of a biscuit's can.
I lie on the floor for seconds, in shock and in pain.

I can't breathe because of my back, it hurts so much that I can't move, and it was excruciatingly painful.
I lie still in a chilled way until I've got over the shock – a chance to gaze at the lovely sky, scudding clouds and vividly colorful leaves of late summer...

They said my clumsiness will bring me nowhere but they are all wrong! It always brought me on the floor, back first!!
 I painfully got dressed and rushed myself to the ER...yes alone. I went through check up and xray and fortunately my backbone is stubbornly enough to break and still in shape.
Before the result, and because of the pain, I thought right there and then, that I'll be a broke back Princess.
All thanks to heaven it doesn't.
When I headed my way back home, the song that played on my phone really fit that moment

It Hurts by 2NE1

And that's how I ended my summer...I took one wrong step and I fell...and instead of Prince Charming a tin can of biscuits catch me.

My precious back deformed this can

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  1. jOen said... 7/06/2012 9:30 PM

    Aaaawww..!!!! kawawa naman po yong malaking lata ng Rebisco!!!!!! hehe.. Peace po.. pero as in ate..! mag ingat na po kayo! kahit nga nung sinipa ko yong lata ng rebisco noon, hindi overs na mapipiko ng ganyan. so kung napiko ng pagkakahulog mo yan, aba.! talaga ngang stubborn ang back nyo po.. pero jokelang yan.. i mean as in super sakit talaga yong pagkakahulog mo ate.. hahayzzz.. mag ingat po kayo Ate..! ang ganda pa naman ng blog mo, marami pang magagandang future ang naghihintay sa yo! ingat ingat po ulit Ate at May God bless you na sana d na kayo ma slide.! :D

  2. Simply Princess said... 7/07/2012 10:55 PM

    oh my...Thank you..Ill take a bunch of care ...I really appreciate your concern..
    Thank you for visiting my blog..
    maraming salamat..
    I never thought that i really have a reader..
    Though I started writing long ago..
    I am a newbie in blogging..
    Thank you so much.

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