Monday, June 25, 2012

First and foremost I am not a video critique I just have this habit of observing the backdrop, back scene or back ground of movies, series and shows (actually from back scene to the main cast).

My latest observation was on this video, and I found it very interesting.
On this video Dara confessed her real feelings for Taeyang (member of BigBang) and her secret weapon when she made the music video with Taeyang.

You can see an empty seat (encircled) beside Dara ….(click each image to enlarge)

an empty seat (encircled) beside Dara …. 

actually there were two vacant seats, and it’s for Nich Khun and Woo young of 2PM group. 
Every time Dara cracked a joke, the camera focused on the guests’ reaction, especially to Nich Khun and Woo Young laughing heartily! And they were seated exactly on the same vacant seats beside Dara!!

Nich Khun
Woo Young 

the screen returned to Dara and there's a vacant seat again! 

It’s so weird isn’t it?

My conclusions on this video:
 Its either the 2PM members (Nich Khun and Woo young) were late during the shoot of that particular scene, Dara's Confession, or
they left early for other commitment, then the show's video/ film editor just inserted those captured moments of 2PM Nich Khun and Woo young, where they were laughing, to show that they were still there.

That’s the power of film editing...


images from Youtube
credit: Royalace Subs

While looking for article about Sandara Park or simply Dara, I stumbled upon this video clip, cut from Strong Heart, a popular  variety show in Korea , an episode where Dara and Bom (another 2NE1 member) were one of the guests.
On this video Dara confessed her real feelings for Taeyang (member of Big Bang) and her secret weapon when she made the music video (I Need a Girl) with Taeyang. Whether its in Philippines or in Korea, Dara is still and always be a krung krung. Every one laughed out loud on her antics and jokes.
I've seen this for the nth and I will never get tired watching it over and over again, Dara never failed to make me laugh ^^...and only Dara has such novelty. 
Enjoy watching! Doo Dong!

I don't own this video
source Youtube
credit: Royalace Subs

Sunday, June 24, 2012


my well-loved-worn-out copy 

About a year ago, I’ve read a cartoon clip in Manila Seoul, a Korean newspaper, and I thought it was just a weekly comic strip in that newspaper, I was so delighted when I’ve read that it was a piece from a book - Clara’s Diary by Miss Ha Young Ju.
Before going to office I inquired at National Bookstore if they have a copy and you know what? They only have one copy left! And it was destined to be mine.  Clara’s Diary was released by New Day Publishers; it was about the perceptions of one Korean student  Miss Ha Young Ju or simply Clara, in our country and its culture when she was studying here in the Philippines. I’ve already read lots of book that replicates Filipino culture and traditions but this book is interesting and quite fun because it was ‘Philippines thru a foreigner’s eye’.

Her comments on the following stuff were so hilarious yet correct (and some were embarrassing):

  •       huge extended Filipino families
  •       gays
  •       ghost stories
  •       balut
  •       basketball
  •       Rice
  •       San Miguel beer
  •       Filipino time
  •       Traffic
  •       MRT cum sauna
  •       Malls
  •       White beach
  •       tarsiers
  •       Public service
  •       Movable holidays
  •       Long lines and long break time on government agencies

Her funny yet insightful comments on our country’s beautiful and not so beautiful “eccentricities” were so honest and straight forward and what make it more entertaining to read were the cute comic strips. I've read it in one sitting and I can’t help but to laugh crazily on each page.
I don’t read someone else’s diary but this is something you should definitely have on your bookshelf!
And oh did I mention that I even emailed her just right after reading it? Yes, I just want to let her know that I really appreciate her book, and she was so kind to write back.
And I also admire her for donating her royalties to a fund for the street children.

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Friday, June 22, 2012


Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey?
One curious bee in our office is buzzing about this sensational book..So, after all the hype  and curiosity..I clicked my ever friendly Wikipedia and searched about this latest book.
- A trilogy book inspired by Twilight
- An erotic, sensual book ever
- Erotic, amusing, and deeply moving,
- the latest book that is sweeping the nation.
- Rumor has it that there’s a movie coming out soon
This trilogy book, an erotic tale set in America of two lovers, has become a chart-topping phenomenon. Fifty Shades has spread like wildfire, igniting the nether regions of women all over the world. My bee friend was also intrigued as to how something that is "basically porn book" could achieve this mainstream success, knocking mighty The Hunger Games off the top spot after a 16-week reign in the U.S.
According to a book reviewer the people’s thirst for erotic fiction - or quasi porn - on the page is the key to James' success. She has simply given the market what it wants – and that is sex.
So grab one now and have a naughty reading!kekeke


image credits - Google 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Set immediately after the Japanese Sengoku period, Iga and Kouga, two clans that produce powerful ninja for warlords, have been waging a vendetta against each other over hundreds of years.

Around 1614, Tokugawa Ieyasu, the ruler of Japan and the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate, perceives the threat posed by the ninjas. Attempting to consolidate his reign, he deliberately stirs up the feud by inviting the clans to choose their five best warriors to fight to the death (see the list below). Designated as the leaders of the two clans respectively, Kouga Gennosuke (Joe Odagiri) and Oboro (Yukie Nakama), who have secretly married, are unwillingly embroiled in the political plot. Hence, they have to make a difficult decision.

Can their love won over the war? Especially if their clan depends on each of them to be the the next leader of their clan.

Japanese really amazed me by putting a hint of love story to make the movie more meaningful and interesting aside from the awesome fight scenes and special effects.
I've seen this movie few years ago but I still enjoy watching it whenever I get a chance.
Have a great time watching!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Second Button

Do you know that on Graduation Day in Japan, the guy will give the second button of his school uniform to the girl he likes???
OMG!?We Filipinos don't have this kind of custom! Imagine shy Senpai (senior) taking off their second button and with lots of courage giving it to the pretty girl he likes? Oh so pure and sweet! and so kilig!Kyaaaa!
But why the 2nd button? What is the significance behind it?
Well simply because it’s the closest to the heart. The 2nd button contained memories and feelings a guy had during these past few years in school.
If a girl receive a 2nd button from a guy, it means that he wants her to remember him and understand his feelings.
I don’t know why but I just love the subtleness of how Japanese expresses their feelings! It’s somehow just so romantic to me!
This tradition can also work another way. The girl can ask the senpai she likes for the 2nd button. It is also the easier way of confessing the girl's feeling.
Indeed, it’s very interesting custom to me.
Anyway, a few scenarios that can happen during ceremony:
1) A really popular and cute girl may receive more than one 2nd button!
2) The disappointment of seeing the 2nd button already gone from the senpai you like.
3) The feeling of surprise when a senpai gives you his 2nd button!
4) The disappointment of receiving no buttons at all during the graduation ceremony (haha!).
I think it’s all very youthful and fun. A memory that you may remember for years. And it would be super romantic if years later, you marry the guy who gave you his 2nd button! 
I don’t think there is such thing at all in Philippines. I can only remember clapping for the top scorers of our school, taking pictures and being relatively excited for the coming new stage of my life. Haha!
Last month I updated this post because of growing numbers of celebrity fanboys of Dara…Still on no. 1 is Woo Young of 2PM, because of his open admiration on her, I should give him credit for that, right?
 However among of these men..I mean gorgeous men, I like Song Joong Ki better, (no.45 on my list) because Joong Ki & Dara are almost on the same age, (just few months age gap) same baby face, same skin, and I think they are both look good together, and of course, I am so bias you know. So who’s your bet for Dara?

captivating Princess of YG Entertainment - Dara Park

I like and respect Sandara Park of 2NE1 because she's humble, generous, funny, straight forward, and child like (and not to mention that she's so pretty and lucky to have a baby face).  Maybe that's also the reason why she has so many fanboys compared to other female in showbiz industry. Surveys says that 7 out 10 men's crush or type in 2ne1 is, who else? Sandara Park! I can't help but to get dizzy with romance for Dara, so I'll enumerate her celebrity fanboys:

46. Our latest addition! Chanyeol of EXO  
[added 3-31-2014]

45. Song Joong Ki (actor)

44. Lee Junho - 2PM

43. Kim Heechul - Super Junior

43. Park Jaebeom/ Jay Park (ex 2 PM)

42. Kwon Young Deuk (dancer)

41. Dong Joon - ZE:A

40. Chun Jung Myung (actor)

39. Donghae - Super Junior

38. Sungmin - Super Junior

37. Kim Tae Woo

36. Jeon Hyeon-moo (host)

35. Lee Changmin - 2AM

34. Andy Lee - Shinhwa

33. Young Saeng (singer and actor)

32. Kyu Jong - SSS501

31. Im Seulong - 2AM

30. Leetuk - Super Junior

29. Jaehyo Block B

28. Shou - Alice Nine

27.Flowsik - Aziatix 

26.Eli U-Kiss

25.Lee Joon - MBLAQ

24.Bong Jung Keun (baseball athlete)

23.Park Ki Woong (actor)

22.Teddy Park  (Producer, music arranger,and song writer of 2NE1 and Bigbang)

21.Choi Hyun Joon - V.O.S

20.Kim Tae Joon (baseball athlete)

19.Danny Ahn - G.O.D

18. JYJ - Jaejoong

17. Alexander - U KISS

16. Kwang Hee of Zea
15. Sung Si Kyung a ballad singer

14. Jin Woo of 2AM
13. Lee Sung Hwan a pop singer/rocker
12. Park Hae Jin an actor
11. MC Mong a singer/rapper
10. Mir of MBLAQ
9. Lee Ji Hoon an actor
8. Ki Sung Yong a soccer player - he posted on Dara's Me2day - "Sandara is Mine "
7. Jaehoo and P.O. - they both love Dara
Jung Ill Woo an actor 
Sandara has a cameo role in Jung Ill Woo's tv series Return of Iljimae.
5. Minhwan of F.T Island
4. Park Tae Hwan a pro swimmer
3.a G. Dragon of BigBang
3.b Kevin of U-Kiss
2. Tae Yang of Bigbang

and Sandara's number 1 fan is..
1. Woo Young of 2PM (also known as Jason in Dream High 1) 

 I found myself getting dizzy with the romance of it all. Oh, shoot me I'm totally 100% fangirl of Dara. ha-ha. Unfortunately for these guys the YG entertainment's Princess is not allowed to date and to have boyfriend, as stated on her contract on YG Entertainment.