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The Second Button

Second Button

Do you know that on Graduation Day in Japan, the guy will give the second button of his school uniform to the girl he likes???
OMG!?We Filipinos don't have this kind of custom! Imagine shy Senpai (senior) taking off their second button and with lots of courage giving it to the pretty girl he likes? Oh so pure and sweet! and so kilig!Kyaaaa!
But why the 2nd button? What is the significance behind it?
Well simply because it’s the closest to the heart. The 2nd button contained memories and feelings a guy had during these past few years in school.
If a girl receive a 2nd button from a guy, it means that he wants her to remember him and understand his feelings.
I don’t know why but I just love the subtleness of how Japanese expresses their feelings! It’s somehow just so romantic to me!
This tradition can also work another way. The girl can ask the senpai she likes for the 2nd button. It is also the easier way of confessing the girl's feeling.
Indeed, it’s very interesting custom to me.
Anyway, a few scenarios that can happen during ceremony:
1) A really popular and cute girl may receive more than one 2nd button!
2) The disappointment of seeing the 2nd button already gone from the senpai you like.
3) The feeling of surprise when a senpai gives you his 2nd button!
4) The disappointment of receiving no buttons at all during the graduation ceremony (haha!).
I think it’s all very youthful and fun. A memory that you may remember for years. And it would be super romantic if years later, you marry the guy who gave you his 2nd button! 
I don’t think there is such thing at all in Philippines. I can only remember clapping for the top scorers of our school, taking pictures and being relatively excited for the coming new stage of my life. Haha!

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  1. Mark Anthony Sausa said... 6/12/2012 9:39 PM

    i love this post ate. .

  2. Simply Princess said... 6/13/2012 3:01 AM

    thank you so much...i love this too..^_^..very youthful and fun..

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