Sunday, June 03, 2012


My no.1 Fan

your fan forever...

Do you have a fan?
Someone who always follow your steps…
Someone who unconditionally support and love you…
Someone who always call your name…
Someone who always shout “saranghe!”…
Someone who’s dying to meet you…
Someone who knows everything about you…
Someone who will do anything for you…
Someone who’s always thinking of you?
Because I am so proud to tell you that I have one. An avid fan.
* “He knows everything about me
He record every word I said
He filmed everything I do, 24/7...
He loves me unconditionally”
Totally 100% Simply Princess Fanatic.
Because no one wants to be nailed and died on the cross just to save me..
Just to see me breath
Just to see me smile
Just to see me alive
No one unless He’s a fanatic
I am so lucky and I am so blessed..
I have a very loyal and die hard fan.
How about you?
Haven’t you realized it yet?
He’s your fan too.
*quote by Bro. Bo Sanchez

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