Monday, May 20, 2013

OLD BOY and other K-Movies Remake

Old Boy
American studios finally end up their long search of tried-and-true material and high quality movies, and its in South Korea, a prime market for unique and fresh films. So far, the copyrights of 26 Korean films have been sold to Hollywood, including major box office hits "Old Boy" and "The Host."
And with that, there's been a buzz about Old Boy remakes for years, and for the most part it’s been held off and only Heaven know's why.
Well, are you looking forward to Old Boy remake? How does the Spike Lee (the would be director) remake match up to the Korean original? I bloody love the original movie and it's one of the most epic fight scenes I've ever seen.
I have found that a lot of people when they watch the original and remake all agree that the original was better. Many American remakes have flopped, leaving audiences and critics wondering if they might not have been better off simply reading subtitles.Could it be that Asian directors, actors, writers, etc are better at conveying emotions and story lines than American? Just a question. 

Here's a snippet of Korean to Hollywood remakes- you'll be the judge if the remake rock or suck.
"Il Mare" (Korea 2000) - The Lakehouse (US 2006
"A Tale of Two Sisters" (Korea 2003) - The Uninvited (US, 2009)
My Sassy Girl (Korea , 2001) - My Sassy Girl (US, 2008)

Into The Mirror / Geoul Sokeuro (Korea, 2003) – Mirrors (US, 2008)
Addicted (Korean 2002) -  Possession (US, 2009)
Next in the Remake Queue - Coming Soon:
Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) , Three-Oh-One Three-Oh Two (1995),  A Bittersweet Life(2004) and Confession of Murder(2012

And finally this October 2013: 
Old Boy (Korea, 2003) - Old Boy (US, 2013)
I am curious to see the remake of Old Boy and I'll give this remake a chance. I just hope the remake does it some justice and hopefully it isn't a complete disaster.

Choi Min-sik , Oh Dae-su In The Original OLDBOY Has No Desire To See The Remake 
Mia Wasikowska Offered Female Lead In Spike Lee's OLDBOY 
Josh Brolin Rumored For Oldboy Lead 

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