Friday, June 01, 2012

Is it another missed opportunity?

I was in a bookstore yesterday and when I was busy browsing on business book’s section, a guy approached me and asked me about Cashflow 101. He asked if I played it already or if I know anything about it, I said a little bit. He smiled and told me some successful stories about it, few questions asked and the small talk goes well.
Then suddenly he told me that I could be rich and retired in 5 years.Too good to be true? I said “oh cool, how?”He said that he can discuss it further on his office because there were his materials, so he asked me instead if I can go to his office, walking distance from where we were. If I am interested I could attend their meeting, and it will start in 30 minutes. Then he left and he will just meet me at his office’s lobby.
But wait, for sure, no girl on her right mind will say yes at that very moment, on a stranger? Definitely no one!
But I did…say yes. Maybe because I’m a people pleaser who always says ‘yes’ even before you ask for it.
Am I crazy? What if he’s a rapist? Or a serial killer? A wolf on a lamb’s clothing-nah-on a designer’s clothing!?
So I changed my mind and decided not to go, over my gorgeous body! And imagine attending a corporate meeting wearing a summer dress and a flip flop? I would surely not pass even on their building’s dress code! (Yes, I was on a bookstore wearing a summer-for-beach outfit)
In the end, I really didn’t go on his office and when he called (oh, did I mentioned that I even gave him my number wholeheartedly?!kiyaa) I told him my decision and I apologized and, I guess, based on his tone he was a bit furious and I felt so sorry for him.
Maybe it’s real…
Maybe it’s an opportunity.
Maybe I could really be rich.
Maybe I could really retire in 5 years.
Or maybe I was raped by now…or worst-dead.
I don’t know if it’s a train of opportunity or maybe a horror train that came my way, but one thing was sure… the train had already left...and I missed it.
True or not, I still believe that the journey (to be rich) that matter most than the finish line.
I want to be rich, (and who’s not?) But what I really want is to learn how to be rich and stay rich for the rest of my life. (Well, I shouldn’t be a data analyst if I want to be one, as comment by Joo Won oppa)
Well in spite of that, I really did enjoy my afternoon bookstore get away.
I enjoyed my summer dress…
My flip flop…
And Kiyosaki’s book.
Money is one form of power. But what is more powerful is Financial education – Robert Kiyosaki

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