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Here's the list of male celebrities that are currently enlisted and soon to be in the military. South Korea has mandatory military service of 22 months for the Army/Navy and 25 months for the Air Force. 

All release dates are estimated.

If there is a celebrity who should be on this list please leave a comment below and I'll update the list. 

2014 - Release year

Jay Kim (TRAX)
- Enlistment date: March 26, 2012
- Release date: March 2014

Lee Joon Hyuk
- Enlistment date: June 19, 2012
- Release date: March/April 2014

Ji Hyun Woo (The Nuts)
- Enlistment date: August 7, 2012
- Release date: May 2014

Kim Dong Wook
- Enlistment date: August 30, 2012
- Release date: May/June 2014

Tei (Real name: Kim Ho Kyung) (Handsome People)
- Enlistment date: September 11, 2012
- Release date: June 2014

Kim Young Kwang
- Enlistment date: December 12, 2013
- Release date: 6 months after.
More information: He will serve as a civil service worker and only for SIX months as his father was a level 3 man of national merit after serving in the Vietnam War. 

Lee Hyun (8eight)
- Enlistment date: October 8, 2012
- Release date: June 2014

Kyujong (SS501)
- Enlistment date: July 23, 2012 
- Release date: July 2014

Kim Mu Yeol
- Enlistment date: October 9, 2012
- Release date: July 2014

Lee Je Hoon
- Enlistment date: October 25, 2012
- Release date: July 2014

Ryu Sang Wook
- Enlistment date: October 30, 2012
- Release date: August 2014

Sangchu (Mighty Mouth)
- Enlistment date: October 30, 2012
- Release date: August 2014

Leeteuk (Super Junior)
- Enlistment date: October 30, 2012
- Release date: August 2014

X-Mas (Real name: Kim Jungmo) (TRAX)
- Enlistment date: October 25, 2012
- Release date: October 2014

Lee Seok Hoon
- Enlistment date: January 22, 2013
- Release date: October 2014

Ghun (X-5)
- Enlistment date: December 5, 2012
- Release date: November 2014

2015 - Release year
Yunheok (December)
- Enlistment date: January 28, 2013
- Release date: January 2015

Yoo Seung Ho
- Enlistment date: March 5, 2013
- Release date: January 2015

- Enlistment date: March 19, 2013
- Release date: January 2015

DK (December)
- Enlistment date: May 7, 2013
- Release date: February 2015

Yesung (Super Junior)
- Enlistment date: May 6, 2013
- Release date: May 2015

Song Joong Ki
- Enlistment date: August 27, 2013
- Release date: June (?), 2015

Lee Tae Sung
- Enlistment date: October 29, 2013
- Release date: August (?), 2015

Heo Young Saeng (SS501)
- Enlistment date: October 31, 2013
- Release date: August (?), 2015

Lee Seung Woo (A-Peace)
- Enlistment date: November 7, 2013
- Release date: October, 2015

Seo Min Woo (100%)
- Enlistment date: March 4, 2014
- Release date: 2015/2016

2014 Hinted at enlistments:

Kang Dong Ho
- Enlists in active duty on March 18 2014

Park Ki Woong
- Will be entering mandatory military service on May 8th 2014

Shindong (Super Junior)
- Delays enlistment from March 31st to June

Kim Bum
- May enlist army soon 

JYJ = Park Yoochun, Xiah Junsu and Kim Jaejoong
- JYJ consider their enlistment dates
- Jaejoong may enlist in 2014

2014 Hinted at enlistments:

Kim Hyung Joon (SS501)
- Planning to enlist in 2014 

Kim Soo Hyun 

Lee Min Ho 

Jang Geun Suk 

Lee Soong Gi

Taecyeon (2PM)
Plans to enlist in 2015

I went to my former classmate’s baby Christening a week ago, and I don’t know anyone in the party aside from my classmate. I've met few ladies there, and since we don’t know each other, we’re simply saying this and that, but when KPOP/Korean wave talk was opened, my goodness it really brakes the barriers!!

The small talk turned into meaningful-hilarious-hallyu-kpopish-talk!! And strangers became friends …

It’s simply amazing how Korean wave/Hallyu fever bond us regardless of race, class, background, gender, sexuality, and age.  

Here's the 10 strangers to friends tips from Charlyn Shaw 
1. Greet everyone with a SMILE :)
2. If you have a question; ASK someone! You never know where the conversation will lead.
3. When MEETING someone, repeat their name; it makes a great first impression.
4. Practice makes Perfect! The more you introduce yourself, the more COMFORTABLE you’ll feel!
5. Build TRUST– it’s the Foundation of Friendship.
6. YOU have a gift to offer. Believe in yourself.
7. Become a good LISTENER. You will learn so much about your “Stranger”
8. Common Interests = CONNECTION. Surround yourself with Strangers that SHARE the same Passion.
9. Remember, EVERY person you know was at one point a Stranger. Strangers aren't Scary.

And Most Importantly….

10 HAVE FUN. Meeting new people opens you up to new worlds.

Sunday, March 02, 2014


I can’t forget these dudes who gets friend-zoned

This other guy in the drama is just as attractive/rich/hot as the lead male, except he’s actually sweet and loving towards the girl. But sadly, so sadly NEVER GETS THE GIRL. 

Can I have one or two of them instead? 

Like I always said, I constantly fall in love in every male lead in a kdrama series..but sometimes on the 2nd male lead. I have that moments that I fell with second-lead-adoration syndrome. But it will always take a very strong portrayal to sway me from the no. 1 prince to the 2nd prince in a kdrama story. And sometimes I can't help but to get mad on the female lead for not liking the 2nd Prince.

Among those popular 2nd leads here are my faves~ 

Kim Hyun Joong as Ji Hoo
 One of the 2nd male lead that I love is Kim Hyun Joong, who play Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers. Playing the classic third party, he has a lot to prove but his serious attitude, princey face and sweet melt-your knees-smile has won so many hearts including mine. 

Yoo Ah In as Moon Jae Shin

And who wouldn't fall for this bad boy by day rebel at night Sungkyunkwan scholar?  After his F4 Joseon stint I am now one of his stalker!  He gets even steamier and hotter as you stare at him and he has this sexiest smile from all Saguek characters to date.

I'm honoring these two of my fave 2nd Prince, so how about you, who’s yours?

Inked with Love and Passion,

Simply Princess

1. I always forget that I'm not in my twenties anymore. 
2. The 'AGE' field on any form reminds me of my real age.
3. People started to ask my relationship status. 
4. My friends now ask me if me if I'm dating or not. 
5. People think that something LEGITIMATELY wrong with me because I'm single.
6. My middle name should be “Busy,” since that I am all the time now.
7. I'm seriously thinking of buying/loaning property. 
8. I considered moving to a more affordable part of the country.
9. My clothes doesn't suit me anymore. 
10. I look for “sensible” and “comfortable” clothes than flashy one. 
11. Investing in quality becomes important.
12. The classic rock station is now playing my high school playlist.
13. FM radio station plays my favorite songs on Playback Saturday.
14. My back or any part of my body hurts for no damn reason.
15. Unwanted hairs begin to multiply like horny bunnies.
16. Somehow I'm a person with answers.
17. My clothes won’t be the only things laden with wrinkles.
18. Moisturizers is a necessity.
19. I hate taxes no matter how they beautifully explain its good cause.
20. I have semi-monthly bills
21. I have a five-year plan. 
22. I'm appalled by some noisy students/teenagers in a public transportation.
23. I constantly forget that we're like that when we were young.
24. I'm tired pretty much all the time. 
25. I've been thinking of going to a gynecologist. 
26. Sometimes I think about whether or not I’ll be a good parent. 
27. Worst, I 'm worried if I'll be a parent.
28. I read the news to see what the world is up to. 
29. Vacation days are more precious than gold. 
30. I invest on working clothes than on stylish outfits. 
31. Most of my friends are either getting married or producing spawn.
32.My Facebook feed is nothing but new baby and wedding pics.
33. And I envy them pretty much.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

After my Winter Olympic blog entry about Viktor Ahn, an Olympic gold medalist speed racer , let's take a look at the most controversial result of this year's winter game.

The controversy started when the result of the figure skating competition was revealed.  The Russian 
figure skater Adelina Sotnikova  snatched the most coveted figure skating gold medal and beats the Korean red hot favourite Queen of Ice Kim Yuna (김연아)

For unbiased spectators and media at Iceberg Skating Palace it was obvious that South Korean reigning champion Kim Yuna, is the gold medal winner, she had skated flawlessly perfect. She also leads the short program before she skated at the final round. 

But when Kim's final score (219.11) was read, the gold medal goes to Russia's Adelina Sotnikova (224.59), and silver medal to Kim. It resulted a cascade of roaring cheers from  Russian supporters and fans in the arena,  and uproar of sharp, derisive whistles and jeers from the others. 

Controversy on the ice: Adelina Sotnikova, right, and an upset Kim Yu-Na. Photo: AP
According to the final score Sotnikova had a strong performance, Kim was particularly exquisite, with perhaps just one wobble on her jump denying her perfection.

This score only shows the "home-ice advantage" and served as another painful reminder of how past Olympics have been shrouded in controversy.
Russia's Adelina Sotnikova upset South Korea's favourite Kim Yuna in a controversial final
But in contrast to the outburst of anger from the public over this controversial judging, which ended a silver medal for the reigning Olympic Champion, Kim Yuna reiterated multiple times, "I have no regrets. I feel free now."  

As humble as she is, Kim Yuna said on her press conference:  "Please remember me as a skater named Yuna Kim, not by a medal. Let's think that the gold medal went to someone who was more desperate for it." [FEVERSmedia - Sportsseoul]

In my heart you're always be the greatest skater, and it doesn't matter  what medal  you received because in the heart of all of your fans, you're the only Queen of Ice and the real Champion.

Inked with Love and Passion,

Simply Princess

I don't understand why do people took 'Personality Test'.
Why? Don't they know themselves? Are they lost or something? Do they need to know or find their old self? Do they found out that there's something wrong with them or the other way around, there's nothing wrong and they wanna find out if there is?

Some took it to resolve their issues in life whether its in love, family, or friends. Some took this test just for fun. And have you noticed a big increase in the number of personality quizzes at the end of each year? This is probably due to the fact that its time of the year to reflect what they do for the past year and what they could change for the coming year that can change their life. Which is probably why personality tests are so popular in the month of December especially in social networks.

We know that these personality quizzes are not one hundred percent accurate not even half accurate. Many researchers feel that it has a lot to do with how honest people are when they take the tests. Research shows that people will not choose the answer that really describes them because they don't want to get a negative score. Huh? That's odd.

One personality test that I took in one sitting has something to do with color, just point what color attracts me most and I'll know who I am. Since I am a lover of Orange shade, I chose it. The result is: 

"Sensitive and reflective. You are comfortable spending hours alone with your thoughts and rarely become bored. You dislike superficiality; you'd rather be alone than have to suffer through small talk. Your relationships with your friends are very strong, which gives you the inner tranquility and harmony that you require. You love deeply but if someone betrays you it is next to impossible to forgive. You are an old soul, someone who has lived many times before and has seen it all. All you crave now is simplicity and the chance to focus your attention on a meaningful existence"

The result beautifully described me but it was just a portion of my personality and not my whole being. There are obviously a multitude of factors to consider to know who I really am, and I don't think that this test described my whole behavior. Some things are the same, but some things are completely different. Overall, it's an incomplete reflection.

There's also the fact that many people will choose the same color that I chose, so my question is, are we the same? Do we have the same personality then? 

 I maybe wrong, but how about you ? What do you think about personality tests?  

Inked with Love and Passion,
Simply Princess

It’s been a while since my last post, guess where I've been spending most of  my days and nights? Well, it has been crazy busy around, got caught up between work and 2014 Winter Olympics~

It’s my first time to cover a sports event and I was thrilled to write one of my dream games - Ice Sports @ 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.    

And one of the most interesting stories of 2014 Winter Olympics is no other than the story line of much decorated speed racer Viktor Ahn.

But Who’s Viktor Ahn?
He was formerly known in Korea as Ahn Hyeon-su [안현수], a 28-year-old Seoul-born. His a three-fold Olympic Champion of 2006, a five-fold absolute world champion (2003-2007), a two-fold World Cup champion. Ex-champion at the distances of 1000, 1500, 3000 meters. Two-fold champion of the Russian Federation. (
He was once the ace for Korea's world-beating short track skating team, and was a dominant force in the 2006 Torino Olympics.

What made him Controversial?
A career-threatening knee injury in 2008 and multiple surgeries kept him from producing results for his skating club and he didn't have enough time to qualify for the 2010 Vancouver Games.
Frustrated, Ahn became a free agent, renouncing Korean citizenship and taking the flag of the highest bidder, Russia, which make him a naturalized Russian citizen. He switched nationalities in 2011 after competing for South Korea in Turin. He chose the name of Viktor, as it meant “Victory” and he wanted to become as famous as Viktor Tsoi, a famous half Korean musician in Soviet Union.

Hero of Russia
Ahn celebrates with the Russian flag (image by
This year Sochi Olympics, Ahn became one of the Games' greatest winners, taking three gold and one bronze medals. In the process, he solidified his place as the greatest short track skater ever, with six career Olympic gold medals and two bronze under his name to date.
At his victory, he will get an awesome W516 million (US$1=W1,072) from the Russian Federation and Moscow, and Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev told the sports minister to give Ahn a home in Moscow. 
Ahn’s girl friend taking pictures while Viktor Ahn stands on the podium for the presentation of his medal.
He was embraced as hero by his adopted country. As per Russian President Putin, “He demonstrated the spirit of a true Olympian.”

How did Koreans feel about Ahn?

Initially in 2011, when Ahn announced his decision to leave Korea, there was some grousing in the corners of netizen by those who thought Ahn as a traitor. But what little grudge Koreans had held against Ahn mostly evaporated at the start of the Olympics, even before Ahn stepped on the Sochi ice. Overwhelming majority of Koreans cheered for Ahn when he was skating, and they were genuinely happy when Ahn won his first medal, a bronze. By the time Ahn was done setting the record, Koreans rooted and showered their love on Ahn just as much as they did with any member of Team Korea. 

Why did Koreans and Netizens root for Ahn? 

A lame reason may point to Korea's strong ethno-nationalism, and Koreans, like any other race love their own country men who succeeds. Such an analysis may have had a point in certain previous instances. However this time, it badly misreads the pulse of Koreans' positive emotion for Viktor Ahn. 

Koreans were not cheering for Ahn simply because Ahn is Korean, they were cheering for him because he represents the triumph of the individual, victorious over injustice.