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Philippines and Korea's Drinking Culture

Drinking with friends  is definitely the best way to celebrate   
Koreans have a rich drinking culture to go along with their near suicidal work and school ethic. Koreans are hard working they work 6 times a week and 12 hours a day. Same thing for the students they are at school for good 12 hours! (What the F!  Maybe that’s the reason, Korean is one of the highest IQ in the world) and they even have a tutorial on weekend. They are constantly under pressure to be the best in their studies or at work.  They have to obey anyone who is older than them.  So when they get the opportunity to unwind then they should be able to go all out and I don’t blame them.
Anyway back to our topic – Drinking culture.
Oh yes if we have San Miguel beer, which we claim no. 1 in the world (but I love Tanduay Ice better!) they have soju.

Philippines' Beer and Korea's Soju
Koreans drink soju together with small fruit salads or crackers and chips and kimchi (Whatta!!!??fruits?where’s the korean BBQ? No spicy meat or something??)

Drink Any Day You Want  – this surprises me too, the fact that drinking in Korea is done every day of the week, and isn't necessarily strongest during the weekends. They don’t have strict drinking laws. Wow.
It is customary for colleagues to go drinking together after work, and refusing to do so, particularly if one’s senior or boss suggested the drinking, is considered terribly rude, and even disrespectful. In that sense, not drinking could sometimes cost you your job.

Usually we, Filipino, go to one place, maybe a friend’s house and we drink there ‘til morning. In Korea they drink from one place to another, from one bar to another bar to a noreabang (equivalent to our Videoke Room) to another one. They will surely drink ‘til morning and  until they passed out.
Remember Sassy Girl? Heroine was drunk when they first met.
It’s a norm in Korea. They don’t seem to care about being drunk in public!In a subway,on a street,comfort room, and even on elevator!And these are not limited to korean men but also woman. It’s so common to see vomit on the platform of train stations and even inside trains! When they are drunk they’ll tend to sleep anywhere –,

They sleep anywhere and no one’s seems to care!bahala ka sa buhay mo, matulog ka dyan!
Wala ba silang friends para ihatid sila sa bahay? (Meron tulog din)

Tsk tsk here in Philippines, our friends will make it sure that we made it to our house safe and sound. Or even if someone passed out on a street many people will gathered around him in second – tambay, usisero, mandurokot, tanod  and there’s still who care.

This is one of our cultural differences between the Pinoys and the Koreans’ drinking habits. Interesting, isn’t it?  Well, not everyone in Korea or in Philippines is a drunkard. What I want to say is the differences of Korea and Philippines drinking culture.   There is no race that is better than the other. Just wanna share this fact. And hey drink moderately!! 
Kombe! Cheers!Kampai!!!

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