About Simply Princess

 ...daughter, programmer, data analyst, loose painter, photographer,book lover, compulsive writer ,blogger,spammer, sewer, vegan, chocolate muncher, crazy shopper, on and off fatkins dieter, keychain collector, snail mailer, animal lover, day dreamer, paper box collector, car enthusiast(but a clue less driver), Kang Dong Won lover and Johnny Depp admirer, Princess Di of Wales devotee, life lover, joy giver, night creature, yaya, domestic diva, soy allergic, anime and OVA lover, Korean TV-series and movies addict, K- fashion fanatic, middle child, scrap book nut, spa chick,Cherry blossom flower fancier, cocktail hat aficionado, Royal family follower and above all - God seeker and Jesus worshiper.

I just love to write every thing that matter to me and I bravely write anything that comes to this weird mind and happy heart of mine . You will read here all the things that I saw, heard, read and felt and all simple things that i appreciate in life. I really like to tell stories to someone and also hoping that someday everyone else would listen. I like you to read my words and listen to my thoughts. I like making new friends and like to keep old ones. I like visiting random sites so don't be surprised if i viewed your site. I hope you will like what you'll see and read in here and thank you so much for having a time to visit.Feel free to look around.

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