Sunday, January 17, 2016

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At looong last I'm visiting my lifelong ambition, dream place, my first love - Japan!The land of rising sun! But wait there's lots of things to do!! and my plan trip is just few months away!So many things to consider - Plane Tickets, Visa Approval, Hotels, Transportation (How to's, Getting around knowledge, etc..), itinerary and best of all my tour budget!!! 

My number one priority when I am visiting a new place is to know how to get around the area. 

One of the railway pass  in Japan

I should know the best transportation to take, to save time or to save money or both. So here I am reading blogs, sites, social medias, groups, searching  everything about Japan, and I realized that Japan is full of privately owned railway companies. So many railway, pass, tickets, to choose from, and sometimes you have to buy more than 1 railway pass depend on your tour to get the best deals, and I find it so confusing! Can they just unite those railway pass like Voltes V? 
Why you  so confusing?
 This is for now, I'll update you with my detailed plan. I think I need to adjust and to learn more about Japan.  Wait I still don't have visa! Need to get that one too and also need to brush up my Nihongo skill! (Do I have Nihon skill?!) So til next post! Gotta get a visa first, before anything else!!Ohaiyou!!
Inked with Love,
Analou Dedal