Saturday, December 28, 2013


Images taken from my FB Year-end Review
2013 is such an amazing year filled with so many blessings. 
I know, I should live each day as special as it is, as I’m writing this wrap up thing I can barely remember what happened this year.  A worrier as I am, who was raised to be always looking ahead, I missed to cherish few moments and events this year. I guess I got it wrong when I always think of the future and I forgot to live on the present. Oh, but that was thing of the past now and I can’t bring back yesterdays. So with a glass of red wine on my side let’s try to recall the coolest and the not so coolest thing this year. Ready?

  • Received a surprise birthday cake and gift from my team. 
  • Received a package from Korea . Gadget from a blog contest. 
  • Had a misunderstanding with my girl friend in the office.
  • This month is one of the darkest times, my sister had her gall bladder removed and suffered for a long time in pain after.
  • 10th year reunion and celebration with my HS classmates and friends.
  • 2nd operation of my sister
  • Everything turns green when I started no meat eating.
  • Attended birthday bash with The Nerds, my HS friends, for our close friend.
  • Epic night and Team building with Membership in Laguna
  • The month when I  realized that everything in Korea wasn’t as bubbly friendly as it seems. Some Koreans  raise and eat dog meat, when I saw the horrible condition of those dogs it broke my heart into pieces.
  • I avoided everything about Korea; I stopped watching dramas, reading stuff about them, totally disillusioned and heart broken. 
  • Make peace and cried with my girl friend.
  • I started reading and reviewing anime and manga. 
  • Summit Media included my joke entry on their book of FHM Collection of Bar Room Jokes.
  • I started inline skating and bruised my knees.
  • Joined Amazing Race, team building edition and our team: Blue Warriors won 3rd place.
  • Glided the Ice Rink and series of strikes in Bowling!
  • First time I tasted kimchi after awhile and it brought up memories of my ‘Koryan’ days (Korean days).
  • Remember my Korean professor told me that Korea has 2 sides, dark and light. I only focused on the good and safe facts. Like any country, Korea has its issues. Issues like dog meat eating, politics, suicide rate, plastic surgery and etc.
  • I’m trying to understand Korea's culture to its depth and trying to forgive those Koreans for animal cruelty.
  • Visited Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. Looked at the variety of Korean books and watched some movies. Looking at Korea with a new and fresh eyes. 
A very personal, challenging and crucial month
  • Career - started to get depress with my projects, I almost can’t handle them all. 
  • Had a lunch-coaching date with a good friend of mine. I was so grateful because of her advice, everything seems to be alright.
  • Had a date and birthday breakfast with my close friends in Accenture.
Many things happened this month
  • Had a dinner with The Nerds, my close high school circle and friends. Mga intelihente at kapamilya.
  • Had a date with The Singles, my college dearest and sweethearts. Mga bayot at kalandian.
  • Help my bff to set up a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend.
  • Got the biggest shock in my life when I realized that I still have feelings for this person. Hit me and knocked me down. I almost cannot breath with this shocking truth. 
  • Avoided social networks for awhile to think and to reflect.
  • I was so dramatic and emotional, I was so irritating, even i was irritated with myself. Get a life you emo! arte mo!
  • Got few days vacation in Guimaras Island and Iloilo to clear my mind and not to runaway. 
  • I wrote my thoughts and feelings 
  • Met my biggest idol Mr.Jose Mari Chan and he smiled at me!! Eeeee!! I was so star struck. 
  • Wrote my Personal Projects.
  • Christmas came early this year when I received twice my salary in one cut off (mind you excluding 13th month pay!). Totally-super-dupeer-100times-awesome and cool!! Then it was just a mixed up in our payroll resulted to a negative next paycheck!!! Geez,  I knew it was a late April fool's all along! Haha!!
  • Attended Korea Study Conference.
  • I started my Happiness project and weight loss journey(again?!).
  • Booked and planned my adventures next year.
  • Learned what love is, grateful for the feelings, and then moving on.
  • Returned to social networks
  • 22nd of December, I made my biggest decision in my life, when I ----- this is better left unsaid and unwritten. This day was my turning point.
  • Month to be grateful for the whole year of blessings.
 With all that hullabaloos, 2013 – unlucky for some – has been very lucky for me.  I’m not in my best health but I’m healthier than the past years. I hit rock bottom when I gained my heaviest weight but also reached heavens when I lost some pounds.  Many first things happened this year like boarding a plane, roaming the road with inline skates, gliding the ice with my skates, strings of strikes in bowling, and having a fit with my best friend at the office (first time!).

What else have I learn during this 2013, the best year of my life?
There’s a lot of highs and lows, so many realizations and revelations, and when I learned to accept it and be happy about it, life is simpler than I expected.

I am very excited for all the possibilities this 2014 has to offer! Cheers!!

Inked with Love and Passion

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Great Controversy - covers the story of the Christian Church from the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 and follows, in broad outline, the major issues of the conflict between Christ and Satan as they have been seen in the history of the Christian church down to our own day—and beyond—in harmony with what the Bible says will yet take place. Simply put it describes the "Great Controversy theme" between Jesus and Satan, as played out over the millennia from its start in heaven, to its final end when the world is destroyed and recreated. - Wikipedia

I'm currently downloading this interesting book in an audio version, written by prolific author and an American Christian pioneer of Seventh Day Adventist Miss Ellen Gould Harmon - White or simply known as Ellen G. White. 

If you like controversial novels like Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code and Inferno you will love this book which is non fiction and written based on someone's vision.

This book edition is one of the five-volume Conflict of the Ages set which contain everything you need to know from the destruction of the temple, through the Reformation, to Jesus' birth-resurrection,and current events and to what will happen in the future. Even if I haven't read (or heard) it yet I'm sure it's really worth my time.


Sunday, December 22, 2013


I don't know what is wrong with this cat, our neighbor's cat to be exact, but it keeps on sleeping or rather hanging literally on this nylon wire and tiny wood post every night. Even if I put him on much comfortable place it will still go up there and suit itself and sleep. 

He's a very timid cat. I guess its relationship between a couple of cats in our area  is very tense, so maybe this is one of his reason for staying on that place. Claiming vertical territory may reduce the number of physical confrontations and tense stand-offs.

He find it a safe place for him to stay out in the open while still feeling secure. According to study: on an elevated perch, the cat has a visual advantage because he can see more of his environment and as a result, he’ll have more visual warning time of any advancing opponent. The elevated location also provides security because the cat knows he won’t be ambushed from behind. 

Whether this cat is weird or wise I find his uniqueness adorable. It's rather amazing, he find this unbelievable place comfortable enough to fall asleep! 

This scenario will greet you every morning.

Cat's morning rituals: 

I even saw other cat looking with curiosity with this cat maybe saying "What the hell is that?" and even  climbed and tried to poke 'him'. 

Prepping to sleep.  
I took this video one morning.

Disclaimer: I didn't own this cat,  it just sleep in our front yard-NO-on one of our clothes' line every night. 

Many people were shocked when I told them that I changed from meat lover to no-meat eater.  I don't eat meat anymore. Some people believed, some were not and some even laughed! Haha-I also laughed with the idea but yes, I don't eat any kind of meat including sea foods but I don't consider myself Vegan because I'm still struggling to cut my dairy intake. I already cut out dairy!! Yey! My definition of "Vegan" is someone who doesn't eat or even use any kind of products made or taken from animals. I am still head over heels into dairy products I hope I can stop it. Wish me luck.  Not anymore, coz as I've said  my food now is dairy free!

I stopped eating meat last May 15, 2013. Here's my reason: Equality.

We fight for equality, we fight against:

Racists violate the principle of equality by giving greater weight to the interests of members of their own race when there is a clash between their interests and the interests of those of another race.

Sexists violate the principle of equality by favoring the interests of their own sex.

When we will fight against Speciesism?

Speciesists allow the interests of their own species to override the greater interests of members of other species.

Speciesists think that he is greater and important than any other species.

The demand for human equality rests on the equal capacity of all human beings to suffer and to enjoy well being. If this is the basis of the demand for equality, then this demand must include all beings, all species, which have an equal capacity to suffer and enjoy well being.
 We don’t know that animals are emotionally like humans in many ways.
 Research has also shown that animals are happier and less anxious if they are with friends.

Animals want to live.
They want to live even more than they want to avoid pain, in most cases. A stray dog will walk the streets at nights, looking through trash cans for a few scraps to keep it alive.

Even as its ribs stand out through manging fur and as it limps from a broken limb, it will cling to life. You can beat it and starve it and ravage it with disease, but it will struggle on.  I realized with a terrible shudder that the suffering of animals was important.

Human have so many different beliefs:
•              It's natural to eat meat.
•              Human have a special status in the world.
•              Animals are made for human kind to eat.
•              Law of nature (survival of the fittest)
•              Some think that God declare it.
From top right to left: Roasted Beef, Roasted Chicken, Roasted pork chop and roasted fish
 I don't want to make anyone feel bad. I don't think anyone can make another person's moral decisions for them, and don't judge those who arrive at different conclusions than I did.
I don't think non Christian or non Catholic is necessarily stupid or immoral for following his religion, any more than I think a meat-eater is necessarily immoral for eating meat. I found my answers, but that's exactly what they are: my answers. Mine alone.

What I want to do is to encourage you to think about your own answers. If you think you've looked into the reasoning and philosophy enough, then so be it.
That's all I want. Now can you answer this?  

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I read somewhere recently that if you hug someone for six seconds the flow of mood-boosting bonding chemicals called oxytocin and serotonin are released at an optimum level. 
Next time try that warm hug than good hello.   Don't be afraid and bury that gorgeous head of yours in someone's shoulders and hold him\her close. Love is the best feeling a human being can experience.

It's been one wild ride year of awesomeness and this is my top 100 that I'm thankful for.

1. Life - for a chance to cross this world
2. Family - for loving me unconditionally 
3. Friends - for tavelling with me on this journey of life with warmth
4. Dog - for one of a kind friendship and undivided attention
5. Teacher - for shaping the future me
6. Grand Parents - for endless stories and for being my no. 1 attorney 
7. Relatives - for explaining how weird our roots are 
8. Mentor - for sharpening my skills
9. Scientist - for thinking the unthinkable that always made we wonder
10. Children - for reminding me not to take life seriously
11. Good Health - for having enough strength to appreciate life
12. Breaks - for time to stop and smell the roses
13. Education - for something I can write in my resume
14. Career - for what I am today
15. Gathering - for celebrating our togetherness
16. Seminars - for new skills and knowledge
17. Festival - for entertainment and good time 
18. Birthdays - to celebrate new added candle on the cake
19. Museum - for making me grateful of our ancestors
20. Choice - for so much options in life 
21. Prayers - for having a direct line greater than any mobile network
22. Wishes - for giving me positive outlook in life 
23. Dreams - that drives me everyday
24. Laughter - for making my day lighter
25. Hope - for that daily positive outlook
26. Love - for inexplicably wonderful feeling
27. Arts - for making me appreciate life in so many ways
28. Paintings - for letting me see the painter's soul
29. Music - to express my feeling with tune
30. Theater Plays - to see life in an entertaining way
31. Games - for making me forget the time
32. Internet - for making my world wider and larger than before
33. Blog - for a place I can express my sentiments
34. Collections - for making me realized how weird I am.
35. TV - for added noise in the house
36. Documentaries - for opening my eyes to the reality of life
37. Jokes - for lighten my mood and making my day
38. Books - for a great experience that I can repeat over and over again
39. Bed - Heaven on earth
40. Food - for the pleasure of sharing and eating
41. Gifts - for the anticipation, surprises and thoughtfulness
42. Kitchen - for having a place I can weave magic
43. Dance - for rocking my world
44. Technology - for making my life easier everyday
45. Medicine - for making me feel better
46. Clothes - for keeping my body warm
47. Home - for having a happiest place on Earth
48. Plane - for making me see the wonders of the world
49. Public Transportation - for bringing me from places to places
50. Sweets - for mouth watering desserts
51. Vegetables - for making me healthy
52. Fruits - for making me young looking
53. Water - for making my skin healthy
54. Air - my source of life
55. Coffee - for being with me every night
56. Bread - for a holy food other than rice
57. Sun - for shining on me everyday
58. Earth - for taking care of me
59. Moon - for the most romantic thing on this world
60. Star - for making me appreciate darkness
61. Rainbows - for that symbolic hope after the rain
62. Trees - for breezy shade and dramatic fall of leaves
63. Flowers - for gorgeous colorful petals 
64. Animals - for adorable creatures
65. Sea - for letting me fly under water
66. Dawn - for the darkest and silent hour of the day, (my writing time)
67. Colors - for making my life so alive
68. Clouds - for that cotton candy on air
69. Rain - for free showers
70. Holidays - for extra time for myself and family
71. Nature - for creating wonderful places
72. Chance - for fresh starts and rooms for mistake and I can redo it again
73. Acceptance - no matter how weird I am
74. Kindness - for such act that let my guard down
75. Generosity - for receiving more than I gave
76. Encouragement - for words that brought me up
77. Forgiveness - for making me free
78. Faithfulness - for sticking with me
79. Challenges - for making my life interesting
80. Gratitude - for having a way to express my heartfelt thanks
81. Knowledge - for something I can share
82. Freedom -  the freedom to wander anywhere
83. Independence - to be able to fly in every areas of my life independently.
84. Peace - for not worrying my safety
85. Faith - for something I can hold on to
86. Today - for this blessed day
87. Courage - for making me face the reality
88. Joy - for reminding me this is life
89. Heartaches - for making me stronger
90. Respect - for treating me rightfully
91. Emotions - for a roller coaster ride
92. Surprises - for making my heart jump
93. Fun - for making me enjoy life
94. Hug - for a wonderful feeling
95. Kisses - for making me forget everything
96. Relationship - for life altering experience
97. Experiences - for making my life meaningful
98. Silence - for having time to reflect
99. Magic Words - for I can also cast magic like Harry Potter
100. You - especially you, who read this. Thank you so much.


I attended this 2 day symposium at GT Toyota Asian Center Auditorium in UP Diliman, from 13th to 14th of December.

It was a gathering of professors, scholars and researchers to present their ideas about Korea in regional and global perspective.
For me, It was a reunion with my previous teacher and classmates in Korean language. 

As I tried to deeply understand each presentation my interest in Korea deepens. I know it was not just superficial interest anymore.  After hearing each topic, each opinions, reviews, and questions, I realized that it was really a day of enthusiasm, excitement, inspiration, and admiration of Korea.  

I've met well-known professors, researchers and personalities from different fields and places.   At first, it was kind of 'scary' meeting "famous" people. I was shy about approaching them but then I gathered up my courage and do it anyway and it's true that I will learn a lot by listening but I'll learn more by asking questions. Listening to the talks is extremely valuable but hallway conversations can be even more fruitful.

What really inspires me on this symposium is, we often perceive Korea as this bubble gum fun, colorful, friendly, and frenzy euphoria. We often forget that there is more to Korea than KPOP, music, film, and TV. 

The conference has inspired me to get back on track in Korean studies,  to aim high, to take the challenge instead of self studying. I was whisked with new ideas, views, inspired , and gained knowledge. I started looking Korea with new perspective, and through Filipino eyes rather than gullible KPOP fanatic.  

I saw familiar and new faces, met my previous classmates and teacher Gyeong Min Bae, and I even gained new friends.  

I find this conference enjoyable and satisfying. This is a symposium, where knowledge meet inspiration.

 For the organizers, Thank you so much for this rewarding experience. Congratulations!
See you on next 3rd symposium!  And this is Korea. Beyond KPOP.

Inked with Love and Passion,
Simply Princess