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Toothpaste as Feminine Wash

Why not use toothpaste as feminine wash?
Ok. Let’s talk about women’s health this time.
I guess when I was a teen when I got this weird-absurd advise about using toothpaste…(from our herbalist neighbor).
I already forgot about till recently that I am so curious about the dangers of wearing panty liners every day and douching.
Anyway, you can’t begin to imagine my horror when I've heard of it!!Whatt!!!Toothpaste?!!!
and she has been using it for decades!!!
If I don't know her I might ask - What kind of crack is she on?? Is she trying to stay " minty fresh" down there? Or does she has teeth down there? Toothpaste is for the mouth!  It prevents gingivitis Not vaginitis. Hope she doesn't use a toothbrush too!! ^_^
One of my weird beauty tricks for toothpaste is, I use it to dry my pimples well that’s different story.
Well based on research the same bacteria 'down there' can also find in the mouth.
Even some OB-Gyne advise it, especially during red days but use low PH toothpaste to avoid dryness.
How about 12hr antibacterial toothpaste protection??Is it more effective?! LOL.
There are few toothpaste products out there claiming an all in one magic toothpaste that can cure anything, anytime and can be a feminine wash too.
I haven't tried this and I’m not recommending nor advising anyone to use toothpaste. I’m just writing about this bizarre scenario.  ^^
Per Dr. Quang T. Nguyen“Toothpaste is not indicated for cleaning any part of the body aside from the mouth, teeth, and gums. There are products on the market that are indicated for feminine hygiene, although douching is not recommended because it eliminates helpful bacteria and leaves a woman susceptible to infections by yeast and harmful bacteria.”

If you have feminine problems always seek the advice of your OB –Gyne. Using products that you don’t know might cause complications in the long run.
Importantly,  what you eat plays an important part. Vegetarians usually smell/taste best down there.
If you're not vegetarian, you can lessen fish/meat/garlic/onion intake.  Eat yogurt almost everyday, any yogurt, frozen or cream yogurt because it has good bacteria that helps clean your tummy.
Drinking Pineapple juice is best too,  of course washing  regularly also helps a lot.
So sisters stay – Sexy,  Taste Yummy and Smell Good Down There!! :)
Dr. Quang T. Nguyen of  HealthTap
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  1. Stella Wood said... 12/15/2013 10:56 PM

    That's ridiculous but quite interesting to read. I've been using sebamed since 3months now and I'm very much satisfied with it.

  2. Micah Avenido said... 1/24/2016 7:33 PM

    I tried this actually..just a small amount..

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