Sunday, June 03, 2012


What attracts you?

Below is my list that attracts me to another person (I would say of the opposite sex, but that doesn’t apply to everyone so…) I am not saying that physical beauty does not attract me but that is only my initial attraction and it tend to wear off quickly because I am more into personality and character.These good qualities that I find more attractive than skin deep beauty.
I find it attractive when someone:
* is intelligent
* is open-minded
* is willing to try new things
* is very family oriented
* has as good sense of humor
* has great taste in music
* reads avidly
* is mature and classy
* enjoys the company of children
* is a kid at heart
* plays sports
* has confidence (but not too much)
* has their priorities straight
* has big dreams and aspirations
* has strong beliefs and values
* prefers casual talks than flirting
* Sometimes mysterious
* takes interest in me as a person
* sparks a conversation first
* can voice their opinion
* knows what they want in life
How about you? What “initially” attracts you to someone?
What qualities do you find more attractive in the long run?
What attracts you?
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