Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Who Is ‘I’ in ‘Who Am I?’

Simply Princess playing mischievous bunny


Can I really answer this question without making reference to my:
Health situation
Role in life
Personal appearance?

Is “I” means my physical body, with its cells, glands, nervous system, brain and so forth?
Or my emotions, beliefs, thoughts and relationships?

I thought I already answered this question by writing my About Simply Princess in this blog site:

All about I
I thought I am a bubbly Princess, Filipino by blood and Korean by heart, I'm in love with the land of Kimchi, I'm someone who is trying hard to be as elegant as Miss Audrey Hepburn and a daydreamer. 

But I was wrong..

The problem is that I forget that ‘I’ in ‘Who am I?’ is only a mental construct. It is only a thought and a way of speaking rather than who I am. This sense-perceived I-thought fools me into thinking that “It” is who I am.

Then Who am I? Is this some kind of a Jackie Chan movie “Who am I”?
They said it’s a long journey to know thy self or journey of self discovery.
Hmmm this thought provoking question is more seriously than It seems.
They said that we are much larger and more mysterious than any description that we could ever think of.

Knowing yourself helps you to guide your life in the direction that it was meant to go.
How well do you know yourself?

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