Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My Dream no. 25

I have a list of my dreams and I want to share my dream no. 25

Kang Dong Won

25. To marry a guy with the same Vision, Values and Passion like mine.
The secret to have a long lasting relationship is to marry someone with the same vision, values and passion like yours. I was 9 when I decided to become a Civil Engineer (because I just want to put the title ‘Engr.’ before my name and nothing else) but I ended up being a software developer (well, this dream was written ages ago, now I am simply a blogger) so my common joke is, “if I can’t be an engineer, I’ll marry an Engineer!!!”. Ha-ha. But nah… that is superficial. I’ll marry someone even without a title, as long as we have the same vision, values and passion. Amen.
So do you have a dream like that?
This dream always make me smile…I haven’t found him yet…but surely I will. (and I hope he’s Kang Dong Won *fan-girl scream*)

*Kang Dong Won – is a South Korean model,film and television actor,and a technological engineer. 

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