Monday, May 28, 2012


Where’s my BB cream?!

Dara unni, are those mine?

Have you ever lost something and prayed for God to show it to you…?
Because I woke up one day and realized that my BB cream was missing! Aaah!
It wasn’t on my dresser, none in my kikay kit and in my bag! ! Omo. Omo. Omo. Should I call the police? Should I call 911? No-there’s no 911 in the Philippines!
So I searched everywhere,I opened all my boxes,I looked to every nooks  and crannies and I even turned my room  upside down but I couldn’t find it!HELP!
Wait. My sister! Yes my sister! I saw her last time using it and she’s been using it for a few days now, maybe it’s in her room?!
Like in an ancient Greece I transform into a warrior princess in a full battle gear and loaded with HP and mana pots. I marched on my sister’s fortress ready for a war to save my poor little BB!
Simply Princess morphing to a warrior
As I barged on her room I unsheathe my sword and attacked my sister, “Where’s my BB cream?!”
“Huh??! Have you forgotten, you want my hands off to your precious BB cream, so you hide it, right?Tsk tsk”. 
Everything turned to normal and my full metal gear returned to shirt and shorts when reality dawned on me. Yes…I remember now, I hide it because I don’t want to share it with my sister, my sweet little sister, who always thought that my dresser was her dresser’s extension.
It’s been a week and I still couldn’t find it. I’ve been counting days as I am counting my pimples now..!Aahh! It’s growing rapidly like bean sprouts on my face. Darn zist…
Did my fairy god mother put a curse on me? And even my pixie dust wasn’t working anymore…
Am I that good in hiding something?
Or my search for beauty turns me into a selfish brat?
Bad karma was really true and it strikes me even before I know it.
I missed my precious BB cream.
I promise to share it next time, promise.
I never hide anything anymore, don’t try to hide something if you’re so forgetfull!!!
*HP and mana pots - Health and Mana potion, usually used by Hero/ Heroine  in PC and online games

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