Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Who am I? I am a Tissue Paper

My other side
Yes you read it right, I am a tissue paper, I am as soft as a tissue paper, and I cry in a drop of a hat, I even cried in a simple TV advertisement. Tissue paper is soft but it doesn’t easily rip even if you use it from kitchen wares to wet surface and everything in between. It still stays in one piece. Like a tissue paper, even if I have huge problems, obstacles, and challenges in life that keeps pushing me around and worst crashing me down, I stay in one piece. Standing and fighting to achieve my goals.
Like a tissue paper I will be there when someone needs me to cry on. Not just to wipe her tears of sorrow but to absorb her problems and heartaches, giving her comfort just for being there. Listening undivided and soak up her tears of emotion and difficulties in life.
I am also present when a friend cries for joy of triumph, wiping her tears of success that makes me feel so honored to be there to share with. Like a tissue paper I am also there in the dirtiest and even stenches deed in life of a friend. I don’t leave a friend on her times of trouble and dilemma, even if she will just use me to wash away her mess and to take her out on her problem.
Like a tissue paper I can do anything for a friend, I can be a paper rose to make her laugh, I can be a piece of paper to write on, and a piece of hanky to hold on. And like a tissue paper I will not even complain even if you throw me away.
Like a tissue paper I’m just in here every time you need me.
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