Princess Mononoke (Mononoke-hime)
Yesterday I've seen a rare movie and oh boy, it was instantly became my favorite, hands down.
The story is set in a mythical 17th century-ish Japan where Asian gods and humans live alongside one another. Gods and humans along side one another? It imply friendliness and a sense of peace, but no, in this film you will see a world where conflict is rife; humans fight gods and demons for lands, humans fight each other for power, gods squabble amongst themselves, and demons manifest to randomly tear shit up.
The film tells the involvement of the outsider Prince Ashitaka in the struggle between the supernatural guardians of a forest and the humans of the Iron Town who consume its resources.It show of how humans, forest animals and nature gods all fight for their share of the new emerging order and fight for their territory.
Characters on this film are:
Kodama - a Japanese friendly spirits,they said that cutting down a tree that houses Kodama will bring bad luck.

Moro – a 500-year-old wolf goddess.

San (Princess Mononoke) and Ashitaka (The last Emishi prince)

After all the battle between Gods and humans love blossom between San and Ashitaka.
Demon Boar - An enormous boar that has been afflicted with a curse
and scenes :
Iron Town

Grove of the Great Forest Spirit

Isn't it so magical?
The Great Forest Spirit
Legend has that the blood of The Great Forest Spirit  can heal anything, and that his severed head will grant immortality. At nightfall, the Forest Spirit transforms into the Nightwalker, a giant creature made of some sort of ooze. This ooze kills anything it touches. At sunrise, it changes back into the Forest Spirit.
The Great Forest Spirit that morph into a Night walker

It is not a happy world, but it certainly is a beautiful one. This movie was one of the beautiful animations I've ever seen. Rays of sun reflected light and sparkle in the water like a star dust spread in the lake, huge trees shading the forest and the fresh green grass and the  falling leaves …it was all so magical and it feels like you’re in a different world – but no – this is definitely our mother earth and this is how beautiful our world can be.
While watching this movie I felt a dejavu, it's a weird feeling but it seems that I've seen it before…
They were all familiar, those characters, scenes and places.
I've seen it before, or maybe I've dream about those things when I was a kid,(you know how wild our  imagination when we were young, lol) or maybe I've seen a similar film.
This is a movie well worth seeing, particularly if you've never seen it before. Watch it, I highly recommend it to anyone.  And oh,  I became a Hayao Miyazaki fan.  I will surely collect all of his works.

 credits to:
Hayao Miyazaki – a Japanese manga artist and prominent film director and animator of many popular anime feature films
Miramax Films