Tuesday, May 29, 2012



daily dose of bad news

How many of you read news paper everyday?
This was one of my daily habit before I’ve known Bro. Bo Sanchez, a practical preacher, he advised not to read broad sheet or tabloid.
People read it to know the latest news locally and internationally, some are just to know the result of raffle draw of lotto, hoping he won the winning prize, some are just to know the daily horoscope, that she make it her daily guidance, and some are just to know the latest in showbiz who’s with whom, who’s not with whom anymore and who’s pregnant and who’s not.
I don’t read news paper, and I am not kidding because it only gives nothing but bad news. Well maybe there’s one or two good news in it. But will you spend your hard earned money for bad news? Imagine you spend your 10 pesos or maybe 20 pesos just to read the soap operas and dramas of corrupt politicians and their heated bantering on each other? Or to read how many percent of poor Filipino is not eating three meals everyday? Or how many workers were laid off from their job?
You are feeding your mind bad and negative news, and soon you will also think negatively, you will feel bad about this country, bad about your work, bad about everything that you’ll start to think that there is almost no hope for our country. And this will give us no good, life is so beautiful to be sad and feel bad about. Positive things are what we need every day to face the world; problems are already there even before we are born. What we need is a positive outlook in life to overcome and won our everyday challenges and reading newspaper will not help anyone to achieve it.
Why not try to read the daily bread instead of daily news? I am not religious  and I am not trying to be one…but I‘ve heard that there are a lot of good news written in there.
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