Sunday, May 13, 2012


My Niece and her Nescafe coffee wish

I was in Batangas last weekend; I visited my sister and her family. I also took that opportunity to have a quality time with my nephews and nieces. As much as possible I want to have a date with each of them, a simple dine out, or a cotton candy date on a park or usualy a bonding on a mall. Each of them has a special day. I want to know how they are, and how school is and how everything is.

 I love to listen to all their blabber and their endless stories. I take every chance I have to be with each of them, when they are still young and free and still have time for me. Time flies so fast and before I knew it, they are already grown up and they already have their own schedule, friends, crushes and secrets and obviously their world is not revolving around me anymore.

Last Sunday was my 2nd neice' day and we went to the mall. We have a cone of ice cream, holding hands while looking around from one shop to another.I was not familiar with the place so it was my niece who toured me around. She was so excited, pointing every store and tell a story about that store and even crack a joke or two.

We played, we ate and we have fun.When I asked her what she wanted, she told me without looking, "kape", coffee.
Huh? A what? Did I hear it right? Coffee? I asked her again and she answered me without blinking "kape na lang tita...” Just a coffee tita.
She even gave a brand and flavor, Nescafe Brown. I was a bit shock that I just stared at her in surprise...Of all the things she could ask, why coffee?
"Why coffee?"
"Kasi yun ang gusto ni mama tuwing umaga…", because that's Mama want every morning.

I don't know if I should be jealous or touched of her thoughtfulness. I choose the latter; her thoughtfulness melted my heart that I want to give her the world.
Don't you just love the way children think of things like this?
I am beyond proud of my niece. 
I hope she will stay as incredibly sweet and thoughtful as she is right now.

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