Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Credit card

It could be your best friend or your worst enemy...

Swipe. Swipe. Swipe.
Swipe here, swipe there. Whatever things you want, flashy car, fabulous jewels, Rolex watch, latest gadgets, from material things to expensive food and everything in between you can have it, if you have this thin little plastic best friend: Credit card.
Almost all middle class and rich people in the whole world have this as there best friend. It is a necessity to them.
If you have one, you almost feel that you are the most powerful person in the whole wide world. Imagine having the things that you only dream of in just a swipe of that card?
But don’t mislead the power of this little best friend of yours, because your once close friend, that helps you get every thing you want, could also be your worst enemy. Because nothing in this world are free, behind those little swipe is a huge bill that’s charge on your name. And before you know it you have a mountain of bills piling up on your door. Towering on you and crashing you down literally, figuratively, and financially that you can’t even sleep at night!
Once in my life , I was so bitter that I wish that this friendly little card were never invented, because it just make a person dependent on it and ruin his life cause of its deceiving buying power.
However I’ve learned that it all depends on the card holder’s attitude.
Be a responsible card holder and think before you swipe…

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