Tuesday, May 29, 2012



I really missed the snail mail...

“You have mails!!”
Gone were the days that I hear that line form our local post man. I love snail mails, and I love to write one, but today?
None. Kaput. Zilch. Zero.
I’ve never received a single letter ever since e-mail or electronic mail was invented; (well except bills) I love technology and the comfort and advantage that it gives on our everyday lives. It makes our living easier and more productive in just a span of a second. It makes you close to your loved ones, just an email away, just a second away because of e-mails.
But the feeling of receiving a snail mail was far beyond compare than receiving an e-mail. I can still remember how ecstatic I am every time I hear the voice of our post man. My heart beat fast and my breath was hollow in excitement and for just thinking on whom my letter sender could be. Maybe the letter comes from an old friend from across the country, or a former class mate perhaps, or a relative or most especially from an admirer. A snail mail is like a surprise that you and I didn’t expect to happen in our daily lives.

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