Saturday, May 12, 2012


I've met him almost a year ago when I couldn't log on in our share site. Our SME called an IT and he came to fix it. I was looking at him while he was checking my PC, (read: looking at him with blinking stars in my eyes) why an IT engineer suddenly look like a knight in shining Armour, like a modern Lancelot who will rescue you from a huge monstrous PC error?

A moment after, he told me that nothing was wrong in my PC I couldn't log in because I was using the wrong id (it should be my client given id rather than my enterprise id).  “Huh? I didn't know that…” I was so dumb not to know that. No IT related issue just purely katangahan. That was so embarrassing, even my office mates and SME laughed and teased me that I was just making excuses to get his attention. He smiled and said it was OK, who would not melt on that oh so sweet smile?

Since then my office mates like him, and he became popular among other IT engineers. Every time there’s an IT related issues they are hoping that the ticket will be assigned to him, but to their disappointment it doesn't.

Maybe he didn't remember that incident and maybe he didn't know that he has a lot of admirers in my SOW. I am not his admirer but I admit he was quite fine man, I'm not saying he’s nice because he smiled at me, but because of his qualities, soft spoken, respectful, reliable, and humble. 

That was almost a year ago, I haven't seen him since then until a few months ago when I was roughly running because it's almost time for my shift. He was there, standing at the lobby waiting for someone or maybe a taxi. I didn't know if he noticed it but my running feet abruptly stop and everything else was like in slow motion and I was just standing there looking at him in trance and it seems that time stood still. Memories flowing in waves and it seems just like yesterday. 

But that poignantly-romantic-like-a-movie scene fade into thin air when a question suddenly popped in my head : “What on earth is his name?”. Ha-ha. Trust me,I am always like that, a moment ruiner, kill joy, forgetful, and I even ruined my emotional moment - from colorful bubble to black hole. ^_^ 

Then I took one last look at him and continue walking, smiling as I reminisce my embarrassing moment when I first met him. It’s been quite a while and he looks better and handsomer than before. And I admit he is one of the good looking guys I've met and maybe I was in denial for saying I didn't admire him. 

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