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‘Paskong Pinas’ and Korea’s Christmas

Christmas Traditions
Christmas is a fresh, new custom in Korea.
Koreans are officially Buddhist but because of growing Christianity in Korea, they celebrate Christmas similarly to the way Filipino Christians or Catholic celebrate it. We both put up Christmas trees, exchange presents, stores do put up holiday decorations, families attend mass or a church service on Christmas Eve or Christmas day (or both), and caroling were everywhere.  While Koreans festivities start much closer to Christmas day we festival lover Filipinos celebrate it with much grandiose and passion starting from ‘Ber’ months.

Christmas Holiday
 Which Buddhist country declare Christmas as public holiday but Korea! It seems that we both celebrate the happiest season of the year with such importance, passion and love. 
However Korea reverses Christmas and New Year’s Eve in terms of company or with whom they celebrate these two public holidays. For them New Year’s Eve is for family. Christmas is for young couples. While for Filipinos Christmas is for family reunions and we rock New Year with friends!

Couples’ Day
 Christmas in Korea is considered a romantic holiday for couples. Theme parks, restaurants, shopping streets were jam-packed by couples and many Christmas events and show everywhere. Many younger people celebrate and party on Christmas with friends and spend New Year's Day with their families (the reverse to Christmas/New Year's in Pinas). 

Holiday Fashion
Both teen and young adults Koreans show off the hottest winter fashions, usually involving miniskirts or short shorts paired with boots and finely tailored top.  Boots, mufflers, knitted top and high socks were all extremely fashionable.

 Come to think of it,we don’t have winter in Pinas, we do have cold weather tough and Pasko in Pinas is for kids and kids at heart! Children have new clothes, new shoes and new wallet or tiny bag for the customary money gift. This time of year create such special memories for children.  Grownups have new items too but unlike kids where everything is new. Well, If kids were getting geared up for the holiday season, we should be too!

Some can be a bit gaudy, and even wear Santa Claus outfit, whether sexy Santa or traditional custom, but really, who cares?! Christmas is a gaudy holiday. Where else can you see that glittery green, gold and red work together?  It’s a time to push the pause button on our fashion sense, cynicism and snobbery and enjoy some simple cheesy pleasures!

 Christmas Food
If Ham is popular in the Philippines, Christmas cake is well-liked and well loved in Korea. Christmas cake design is as trendy as their fashion sense and the more complicated the design is, the better.

On the other side,for non-Christian Koreans and practical Filipinos, Christmas is too commercialized maybe because of the massive sales of goods, overly advertised products, and there is too much pressure for decorations. I, for one, don’t celebrate Christmas as Christian do, but I’m grateful for the holiday and extra time for my family  and I love the idea of having a craft, an event, a gift, or a special family tradition — big or small — to enjoy for each day.  Just keeping up the Christmas feel and people were extra kind this season too! :) It’s holiday!

Toast for us for keeping Christ as the center of our day,  in every-days and in holidays that happen throughout the year! 

I was re-reading my drafts when I saw this unfinished article about Christmas dated a year ago, maybe then I didn't have any more ideas that's why I wouldn't be able to finish writing it. Excuses! 

Anyway,  I can't believe how the time is flying's going to be Christmas before we know it!  Happy Holidays! Whatever type of holiday celebrations you'll be having!!Cheers!

Inked with Love and Passion,
Simply Princess
I have fun writing this one maybe because of my meaningful background songs:
ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2009 "Bro, Ikaw ang Star ng Pasko"
ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2013 "Magkasama Tayo Sa Kwento Ng Pasko"

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