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Wrapping up 2013

Images taken from my FB Year-end Review
2013 is such an amazing year filled with so many blessings. 
I know, I should live each day as special as it is, as I’m writing this wrap up thing I can barely remember what happened this year.  A worrier as I am, who was raised to be always looking ahead, I missed to cherish few moments and events this year. I guess I got it wrong when I always think of the future and I forgot to live on the present. Oh, but that was thing of the past now and I can’t bring back yesterdays. So with a glass of red wine on my side let’s try to recall the coolest and the not so coolest thing this year. Ready?

  • Received a surprise birthday cake and gift from my team. 
  • Received a package from Korea . Gadget from a blog contest. 
  • Had a misunderstanding with my girl friend in the office.
  • This month is one of the darkest times, my sister had her gall bladder removed and suffered for a long time in pain after.
  • 10th year reunion and celebration with my HS classmates and friends.
  • 2nd operation of my sister
  • Everything turns green when I started no meat eating.
  • Attended birthday bash with The Nerds, my HS friends, for our close friend.
  • Epic night and Team building with Membership in Laguna
  • The month when I  realized that everything in Korea wasn’t as bubbly friendly as it seems. Some Koreans  raise and eat dog meat, when I saw the horrible condition of those dogs it broke my heart into pieces.
  • I avoided everything about Korea; I stopped watching dramas, reading stuff about them, totally disillusioned and heart broken. 
  • Make peace and cried with my girl friend.
  • I started reading and reviewing anime and manga. 
  • Summit Media included my joke entry on their book of FHM Collection of Bar Room Jokes.
  • I started inline skating and bruised my knees.
  • Joined Amazing Race, team building edition and our team: Blue Warriors won 3rd place.
  • Glided the Ice Rink and series of strikes in Bowling!
  • First time I tasted kimchi after awhile and it brought up memories of my ‘Koryan’ days (Korean days).
  • Remember my Korean professor told me that Korea has 2 sides, dark and light. I only focused on the good and safe facts. Like any country, Korea has its issues. Issues like dog meat eating, politics, suicide rate, plastic surgery and etc.
  • I’m trying to understand Korea's culture to its depth and trying to forgive those Koreans for animal cruelty.
  • Visited Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines. Looked at the variety of Korean books and watched some movies. Looking at Korea with a new and fresh eyes. 
A very personal, challenging and crucial month
  • Career - started to get depress with my projects, I almost can’t handle them all. 
  • Had a lunch-coaching date with a good friend of mine. I was so grateful because of her advice, everything seems to be alright.
  • Had a date and birthday breakfast with my close friends in Accenture.
Many things happened this month
  • Had a dinner with The Nerds, my close high school circle and friends. Mga intelihente at kapamilya.
  • Had a date with The Singles, my college dearest and sweethearts. Mga bayot at kalandian.
  • Help my bff to set up a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend.
  • Got the biggest shock in my life when I realized that I still have feelings for this person. Hit me and knocked me down. I almost cannot breath with this shocking truth. 
  • Avoided social networks for awhile to think and to reflect.
  • I was so dramatic and emotional, I was so irritating, even i was irritated with myself. Get a life you emo! arte mo!
  • Got few days vacation in Guimaras Island and Iloilo to clear my mind and not to runaway. 
  • I wrote my thoughts and feelings 
  • Met my biggest idol Mr.Jose Mari Chan and he smiled at me!! Eeeee!! I was so star struck. 
  • Wrote my Personal Projects.
  • Christmas came early this year when I received twice my salary in one cut off (mind you excluding 13th month pay!). Totally-super-dupeer-100times-awesome and cool!! Then it was just a mixed up in our payroll resulted to a negative next paycheck!!! Geez,  I knew it was a late April fool's all along! Haha!!
  • Attended Korea Study Conference.
  • I started my Happiness project and weight loss journey(again?!).
  • Booked and planned my adventures next year.
  • Learned what love is, grateful for the feelings, and then moving on.
  • Returned to social networks
  • 22nd of December, I made my biggest decision in my life, when I ----- this is better left unsaid and unwritten. This day was my turning point.
  • Month to be grateful for the whole year of blessings.
 With all that hullabaloos, 2013 – unlucky for some – has been very lucky for me.  I’m not in my best health but I’m healthier than the past years. I hit rock bottom when I gained my heaviest weight but also reached heavens when I lost some pounds.  Many first things happened this year like boarding a plane, roaming the road with inline skates, gliding the ice with my skates, strings of strikes in bowling, and having a fit with my best friend at the office (first time!).

What else have I learn during this 2013, the best year of my life?
There’s a lot of highs and lows, so many realizations and revelations, and when I learned to accept it and be happy about it, life is simpler than I expected.

I am very excited for all the possibilities this 2014 has to offer! Cheers!!

Inked with Love and Passion

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