Sunday, December 15, 2013


The 2nd Philippine Korean Studies Symposium

I attended this 2 day symposium at GT Toyota Asian Center Auditorium in UP Diliman, from 13th to 14th of December.

It was a gathering of professors, scholars and researchers to present their ideas about Korea in regional and global perspective.
For me, It was a reunion with my previous teacher and classmates in Korean language. 

As I tried to deeply understand each presentation my interest in Korea deepens. I know it was not just superficial interest anymore.  After hearing each topic, each opinions, reviews, and questions, I realized that it was really a day of enthusiasm, excitement, inspiration, and admiration of Korea.  

I've met well-known professors, researchers and personalities from different fields and places.   At first, it was kind of 'scary' meeting "famous" people. I was shy about approaching them but then I gathered up my courage and do it anyway and it's true that I will learn a lot by listening but I'll learn more by asking questions. Listening to the talks is extremely valuable but hallway conversations can be even more fruitful.

What really inspires me on this symposium is, we often perceive Korea as this bubble gum fun, colorful, friendly, and frenzy euphoria. We often forget that there is more to Korea than KPOP, music, film, and TV. 

The conference has inspired me to get back on track in Korean studies,  to aim high, to take the challenge instead of self studying. I was whisked with new ideas, views, inspired , and gained knowledge. I started looking Korea with new perspective, and through Filipino eyes rather than gullible KPOP fanatic.  

I saw familiar and new faces, met my previous classmates and teacher Gyeong Min Bae, and I even gained new friends.  

I find this conference enjoyable and satisfying. This is a symposium, where knowledge meet inspiration.

 For the organizers, Thank you so much for this rewarding experience. Congratulations!
See you on next 3rd symposium!  And this is Korea. Beyond KPOP.

Inked with Love and Passion,
Simply Princess

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