Sunday, December 22, 2013


My Neighbor's Cat

I don't know what is wrong with this cat, our neighbor's cat to be exact, but it keeps on sleeping or rather hanging literally on this nylon wire and tiny wood post every night. Even if I put him on much comfortable place it will still go up there and suit itself and sleep. 

He's a very timid cat. I guess its relationship between a couple of cats in our area  is very tense, so maybe this is one of his reason for staying on that place. Claiming vertical territory may reduce the number of physical confrontations and tense stand-offs.

He find it a safe place for him to stay out in the open while still feeling secure. According to study: on an elevated perch, the cat has a visual advantage because he can see more of his environment and as a result, he’ll have more visual warning time of any advancing opponent. The elevated location also provides security because the cat knows he won’t be ambushed from behind. 

Whether this cat is weird or wise I find his uniqueness adorable. It's rather amazing, he find this unbelievable place comfortable enough to fall asleep! 

This scenario will greet you every morning.

Cat's morning rituals: 

I even saw other cat looking with curiosity with this cat maybe saying "What the hell is that?" and even  climbed and tried to poke 'him'. 

Prepping to sleep.  
I took this video one morning.

Disclaimer: I didn't own this cat,  it just sleep in our front yard-NO-on one of our clothes' line every night. 

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