Sunday, July 01, 2012


School Days

They said high school is the best days of our lives, first dance, first kiss and first love.
In my experience, HS is scary and lonely. It was a journey of burning eye browse and paving hard path to be one of the creams of the crop. Emotions, drama, broken hearts, and lies, and they say these were the best days of our lives? Whenever I recall it I cannot help but feeling a little bit sad.
I still prefer my grade school days. Nothing beats those days. Days of button less uniform, doodles on my shirt, gum on my hair, ripped skirt, dusty shoes and missing pencil or note book. My grade school days were really carefree ones.  Though in retrospect what I did long ago is some-what childish it is nevertheless unforgettable.
I attended different grade school because of my father’s job; he was always assigned to different places and each assignment we have to move too. And before I finished my elementary education I had attended three grade schools. In my young age I am excited on meeting new friends, new house and new school.
Things were not complicated, my only problem was my assignment and after doing it I can play and do whatever I want.
Days of imaginary friends and places, candies, lollipop, days of hide and seek and tea parties.
Days of 'sundot kulangot', 'bunutang itik', patintero and Chinese garter.
Those days were the happiest and craziest time I ever had.
If there’s one thing I am grateful in HS - I’ve met some good friends worth keeping for.

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  1. Simply Princess said... 7/01/2012 3:42 AM

    its kinda late..I supposed to post this last month...June...start of classes...

    I was inspired by my niece, who is so excited on her first day in High School..well best of luck my dear Nicole! aja!

  2. jOen said... 7/06/2012 9:14 PM

    "..days of 'sundot kulangot', 'bunutang itik', patintero and Chinese garter. "
    --> tamaahhh.! :D

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