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The other side of Tokyo: Herbivore Men

Are you a Grass-Eating Male?
Have you ever heard of this term before? Does your friend a Herbivore? Don’t get me wrong, this is totally different from Vegetarian or Vegan.
This term(Herbivore or Soshoku Danshi) is widely known or popular in Japan, it is a figurative term for the new heterosexual Japanese men. This term has nothing to do with what guys eat but its their classification or category because these men aren't really interested in matters of the flesh or simply put they doesn't appear to be interested in women or sex. One of the reason of the alarming problem of declining birth rate in Japan.

 Multiple recent surveys suggest that about 60 percent of young Japanese men — in their 20s and early 30s — identify themselves as herbivores. The sensitive New Age men have finally arrived in the land of salary man.
 They are drawn to a quieter, less competitive life, focusing on family and friends — and eschewing the macho ways of the traditional Japanese male. They are also more conscious on their fashion style and look. This is what I've seen on the two Japanese Movies: Paradise Kiss and High School Debut, wherein the lead actor was a fashion designer and fashion adviser respectively.
Otomen (Manga and Live Drama version)
The TV show Otomen (Girly Guys) wherein the lead character is a martial arts expert, the manliest guy in the whole school. But his secret passions include sewing, baking and crocheting clothes for his stuffed animals.
"I will hide my true nature," he vows in the first episode, as he sews secretly, shut away in his living room. "At all times, I will be a man — a real Japanese man," he says.
But what does that mean?
"It's not so much that men are becoming more like women. It's that the concept of masculinity is changing," says Katsuhiko Kokobun a fashion expert. Over the years, he has seen more and more men coming into the salon — men who he describes as "more modest, less demanding, kind of passive; they accept what they're told."
 He noticed that nowadays men are demanding more traditionally female treatments. That is why Katsuhiko Kokobun’s salon offers eyebrow plucking and facials for men and eyebrow plucking is very popular among high school boys! (As of this writing I already know that men are actually more vain than women)
Tokyo Street Fashion
 Back in the 80s, Japanese men had to be passionate and aggressive, but now those characteristics are disliked. Today young Japanese men have very mild personalities. They simply enjoy what they like without prejudice. They are not limited by expectations.
"Back then, lots of men liked desserts, but it was considered uncool. Cool men had to like alcohol or spicy food.
“I've discovered my father likes eating dessert, but he never showed it in the past," One Japanese said.
But there are fears about the financial and social impact of herbivores. Their low levels of spending and lack of interest in sex invoke two of Japan's biggest problems: its lackluster economy and declining birthrate. Herbivores like to be friends with women — but for many, that's as far as it goes. Friends.No more no less.
And, of course, there is a name, too, for the economically empowered working Japanese women who know what they want: THE CARNIVORE WOMEN (career women who likes  money, power and of course sex). With herbivore boys and carnivore girls, it seems the land of samurai, sumo wrestlers and geisha girls is remaking its gender landscape anew.
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    Same thing is going one in western world.

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    MGTOW means Men Going Their Own Way

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