Saturday, July 07, 2012


Exam Bloopers

 Lee Min Ho was asking me silly questions..."what? What miles per hour?"
I woke up and saw a pencil rolling on the floor barely registered in my sleepy head and I stared at it blankly.

"Ro-rolling pencil...Pencil? Where am I?"

Then a kind woman in my front handed me the pencil. 

"Huh??Gasp! I'm taking an exam!! And I fell asleep in seconds!!"

It happened almost 2 months ago, I literally fall Zzzz in the middle of the exam and even dreamt of Lee Min Ho.
I went to my examination room armed with nothing but pencil and my registration form.
No sleep, no breakfast and no shower. I went there just right after the emergency-over-time-night-shift in my work.
Tsk, who says only Doctors are on call 24/7?

One part of the exam was problem solving and honestly I'm not good in numbers and simple math question has a sleeping pills effect on me. So what do you expect on my exam day - Sleepy head plus math problems? I doze off in an instant.

They said that the exam this year was the easiest exam in history, huh? Maybe that's the reason I finished the exam 30 minutes earlier! I'm so proud of myself right there and then, until I realized that I'm one of the last examiners and some were all done and left hour ago! Hah! So much for being so proud - dream on Princess!

Oh did I mentioned that before the exam the proctor told us to turn off our cell phones and while she was saying that, one phone suddenly rung and that phone was..who else, but mine?!!  

And not an ordinary tone but a loud ring tone of Sandara Park's song - Kiss :  

I just wanna kiss! I never wanna missed 더 짜릿하게 one more time 내 숨을 가져가”.  

I ran on the front where all of our bags were and turn it off and all eyes were on me. 

Tsk, Princess you are so classic.

Lee Min Ho - now i know what "man of my dream" means 
 I left the school, with headphones on my ear, shaking my head, smiling like crazy with my experience, all of that zap and zing and zzz in my special day of Civil Service Exam.
I'll not be surprised if I didn't passed. Tsk.

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My ring tone - Kiss by Sandara Park

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