Sunday, July 01, 2012


With 2NE1‘s comeback nearing, teaser photos and promotions were released. It is officially announced on July 5th . It has been a year since their mini 2nd album last year.
And they will definitely return with a swag!!

 And most of all Sandara Park's hair draws more attention than 2NE1's comeback.
 With a leopard printed dress and shining gold accessories, Sandara Park shocked people with her hair: half long wave hair, half shaved hair.
Sandara’s shocking latest hair style
Ever since her debut, Sandara Park has surprised people with

Palm hair

Vegeta hair

Lion hair
and other styles that girls won't dare..

but this half-shaved hair would be enough to surprise them once more.
Stunningly beautiful.

Because of Dara’s shocking transformation, she trended at #1 and then at #2 and #3 in Nate! She had two trending topics up in Nate! News about her hair created such a buzz that even Nate’s header changed to her photo! That’s Dara, always the news maker!

YG family,
Dara Me2day

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