Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Random Images

My random picture this month....from my morning zit to my Korean stuff  obsession...  
When i woke up one morning  and surprise!! pimple on my forehead!!ahh!!

morning of tangled hair...and zit..

left over Tteokbokki - korean street's kinda messy..sorry..I forgot to take a photo when it was still fresh.. 

 this door sign in our office' cafe  reminds me of  2NE1 first album 
2NE1 first album - Two Anyone

carrot shake - i try to drink one,daily...but it always ends up in the kitchen sink...see? it's already there..

Newly open Etude House branch at Market! Market!

clusters of children chattered busily... when i visited a grade school class room 

blurred picture of one of my cotton shirt from S.Korea..another obsessions

my kisses!! colorful!

my Beef  Ramyon - the best in rainy season!yum yum yum!  

class room where i slept..i mean.. i took my civil service exam...

Best wishes to my lovely Korean Sem(teacher) Miya and Sir Sidney on their wedding in Seoul..
Sem..nabihag ka nang isang Pinoy..^_^

not so good pics from ...not a so good photographer...til next flash!

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