Thursday, July 05, 2012

2NE1's I Love You hits an All-Kill!!

Finally they're back!!!
According to EnewsWorld, 2NE1’s I Love You, which was released on July 5, entered all charts, including those on MelonMnetDosirakBugsSoribada and Cyworld, from the top and has stayed there since. It also managed to rise as high as no. 2 on the Electronic Song Chart for iTunes U.S. 
I can't believe when i heard I Love You,  it was completely different from their previous songs, it has a combination of electronic and trot  plus add their own unique style. Though I like trot(Korean traditional music) I'm not a fan of it but 2NE1 made trot music anew and I love it. (an example of trot in this link).They are really fit in their name 2NE1 - 'New Evolution of 21st century'. 
2NE1 never cease to amaze me every time they release a new song and I Love You is definitely a new genre of music . 

Ever since of their debut 3 years ago, they have always tried out a variety of genres, such as electronic, reggae, R&B and ballads, and mixed them with hip-hop; they just don't simply return and sing, they create and  innovate and introduce new kind of  music and once again, 2NE1 showed their experimental side in music industry. It  reminds me of CL, when she said that they want to do all kinds of things and be singers that  fit for any of genre and there’s so many things they want to try.
Their teaser images of I Love You showed their feminine and sexier side rather than the powerful girls they had always been. “It’s our sexiest comeback ever ”as Dara said.

Sultry Bom 

Sexy CL without showing skin
Dara - new hip hop warrior princess

Minzy- not a baby girl anymore
Their much awaited first performance of I Love You will be air on July 8 by SBS’ InkigayoThen they will set off to tour 10 cities in seven countries with its global tour New Evolution, starting with the Seoul concert to be held from July 28-29.
I cant wait to see them on stage again,for now i''ll just sit and sip my latte and enjoy their new song.
Source Enewsworld, CJ E&M
Photo credit: YG Entertainment
All-Kill means topping all the music charts in Korea

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