Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Sketchpads and Notebooks

meet my gadgets

Yes, I love sketchpad with pearly white pages, but I don’t draw anymore, my last piece was ages ago – two sultry naked Greek Goddess, Athena and Aphrodite and unfortunately I  don’t know  where it was right now. Maybe it was stashed somewhere in the storage room seducing mice and cockroaches.

Aside from sketchpad, I also collect notebooks but not those notes that we use in school with straight lines on each page. Are those composition or writing note books? I don’t know what they call it. I don’t like those lines. I find it so distracting and it feels like imprisoning  my imagination like cold bars in jail.  I love blank white pages - fresh, clean and no boundaries!!its 100% freedom!

There’s something intimate of using pen and paper and seeing ideas manifest themselves complete with spilt ink, erasures, doodles, and sometimes with spilled coffee or juice. Its so magical seeing those words weaving sentences and forming beautiful stories right before your eyes. All of my blog entries, creative ideas(?) and also add my blog concept, were born and started on these sketchpads and notebooks.

I also have this handy dandy notebook(without lines too) for blog posts ideas, quotes, songs, vocabulary, to do list and even some punch line! ^_^ I carry it around with me nearly everywhere I go.

I draw using words and your imagination is my real canvas. Just like mixing oil paints or colors to create a masterpiece. I'm using this medium to express my thoughts and feelings, simply put, this is my outlet...and oh maybe there's some imperfections in my creation (and you know it for sure), I just hope that i 'draw' my ideas and emotions accurately.

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