Thursday, July 05, 2012

2NE1 Bare-faced Photos

2NE1 had proven them selves on their craft but I really  wonder how these beautiful ladies look like without make up and  when they were just an ordinary people like us, here’s the photo that I’ve found..thanks to and YG Entertainment.  Actually they still look the same today as they did years ago. 
without make up,picture released by YG  Entertainment

Dara and Bom when they were just trainees in YG

2NE1 today
Today they just got some changes in hair,make up and fashion sense of course, Love CL’s hair as well on Bom,so glamorous  while Minzy retained her short hair and Dara is beautiful as ever.
Many people asked me if Dara undergone plastic surgery, well to answer you guys, N-O, she did not. Dara has a natural double eyelid, which is very rare in Korean. They said she has a high cheekbones now compared before when she was just a talent of ABSCBN. The truth is she is thinner than before due to busy schedule and rehearsal but she looked so much better today than before.  Like I said nothing changes on Dara, just the outfit and hair, she is still her..beautiful as ever.

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