Saturday, August 17, 2013


What's new in my Virtual Bookshelves?

While waiting my downloading files to finish, I decided to browse and arrange my 'virtual book shelves'. There's a helluva clatter of mangas here and there, and after clearing the 'shelves', and counted all the mangas I have, honestly, I can't believe that I've collected and read these much in such short span of time.  Some were worth reading and some were cliche and for teens. Here, I'm sharing you my list -

Works of Motomi Kyousuke  - She made powerful characters and story line. I admire her by trying different characters, plot and setting in every story. Her works is definitely not your typical and cliche stories. From school to forest and from student to wild beast.
And other mangas from different authors-

Series - Less than 20 volumes series 
  • Prince Lizard
  • Missile Happy
  • Nanaco Robin
  • Penguin Revolution
  • Arakure
  • Lovely Complex
  • Faster than a Kiss 
  • Akuma de Souro

Shounen - action manga for boys

  • Fairy Tail

Gender Bender - yes I'm a sucker of gender bender stories since Mulan (but exclusively girls cross dressing and not the other way around)
  • Hana Kimi
  • Power (Girl Got Game)
  • Tokyo Crazy Paradise

One Shots - or short stories to make me sleep.(20 to 30 pages)
  •  Short Program
  • 7th Period is a secret 
  • 13  
  • Tsuyogari
  • Kai me no Hajimete no Koi

'Ecchi' Thing ~ manga with sexy, adult scene that took me a lot of courage and curiosity to read.
  • Wish To Lie Beside You
  • Kimi ni Furetara
  • Osaerarenai
Works of LEE Sang-Eun

 and in queue, currently downloading -
  • Ichigo 100% 
  • Beauty is the Beast  
This list is keep on growing everyday and right now I'm reading alternately these three, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Lover Discovery and Fairytail, whichever my mood fancy. 
That's what in my shelves how about yours? 

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