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산다라박 인간극장 My Name Is Sandara Park Documentary

(Left) Sandara during Star Circle Quest days 2003, Philippines and (Right) Dara today at 2NE1, South Korea  2013

Don't you know that Yang Hyun Suk, the founder of YG Entertainment discovered Dara after seeing the KBS documentary, “My Name is Sandara Park”?

Wanna know the story of 'Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas'? Watch these -

KBS 산다라박 인간극장 My Name Is Sandara Park (5 parts videos) 

Star Circle Quest Video Story of Sandara Park

Dara Park's 25 Tidbits
 1. Her unusual three-syllable Korean name, which she has talked about numerous times during interviews, comes from a Korean general, Kim Yushin, whose childhood name was “San Da Ra”.
2. Dara used to be celebrity in the Philippines. She appeared in movies, dramas, commercials, and released a ong collection, which achieved 2x platinum status in sales.
3. She used to be an actress and student at the same time. She is excellent in Math and Physics.
4. Her younger brother is Park Sang Hyun, known to be “Thunder” of the Kpop idol group MBLAQ.
5. Yang Hyun Suk of YG Entertainment discovered Dara after seeing the KBS documentary, “My Name is Sandara Park”.
6. Dara trained under YG Entertainment for 3 years before debuting in 2NE1.
7. She stands out the most among all the other members of the other girl groups. She has several fanboys and admirers attached to her name. To name some are 2PM’s Wooyoung, FT Island’s Choi Minhwan, Park Hae Jin, MC Mong, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, 2AM’s Seulong, Kim Taegoon, U-KISS’ Kevin, and Lee Jung Suk.
8. She became popular for her palm tree hairstyle during the Fire days which was parodized by various artists. She also set the trend by popularizing tenggu hair, apple hairstyle, byeomeori (the one with the braid in front), and many other various hair styles.
9. Dara’s hometown is in Busan, and she speaks the Busan dialect.
10. She cited Uhm Jung-hwa, as the one she looks up to because of her beauty, sexiness and cuteness all rolled into one polished package.
11. Dara always texts instead of calling because she thinks it gets awkward when you call someone.
12. She has a birthmark on her right leg that she had always covered up with leggings or socks during her celebrity years in the Philippines. That’s why she didn’t wear shorts and skirts.
13. Dara has a habit of stealing other member’s cellphones and putting her picture as a wallpaper.
14. Kim Ji Eun was her vocal trainer.
15. Dara’s kissing scene with Bigbang’s T.O.P in Gummy’s MV “I’m Sorry” was revealed to be just a camera trick.
16. Dara was voted by the rest of the members to be the best at variety shows.
17. She said she likes to wear jeans and T-shirts and usually wears them at home.
18. Dara was the first member to release a single featuring fellow member CL’s unique rapping skills in the song entitled “Kiss”.
19. She is a big fan of Lee Hyori. She a member of LH fancafe.
20. Dara’s favorite Filipino food is sinigang na hipon. She is good in peeling shrimps.
21. She is afraid of dogs and big animals, particularly that of G-Dragon’s dog Gaho.
22. She deletes the number of the person who doesn’t reply to her messages. She even deleted the number of 2NE1 members once.
23. In an interview, she stated that her ideal guy is Korean actor Won Bin.(- Yeah I agreed on that but she also like Kang Dong Won)
24. Dara was dubbed as the “Me2day Queen” because of gaining 200,000 followers that said to be the largest number of followers for a celebrity.
25. Among the members, only Dara eats ramyun/ramen.

2NE1 산다라박의 KBS 인간극장 2004년 방영분

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