Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mangaka Mitsuru Adachi

Like what I've said in my previous blog entry, I'm into manga these days and after reading a handful of titles and genres. I'm slowly developing an interest with this mangaka (author) - Mitsuru Adachi - since reading his collection of one shot (or short story) titled - Short Program.
Short Program Volume 1 Cover
 This manga is a collection of short stories and has 3 volumes and boy I really have a hard time finding this manga. His stories were from comedy to drama with a bit of romance and mostly sports type stories.

Some of his works are - 

Nine, Touch, Rough, Niji Iro Tōgarashi, H2, Itsumo Misora, Katsu!, and Cross Game serialized by Shogakukan in Shonen Sunday. Hiatari Ryōkō! serialized in Shoujo Comic. Miyuki serialized in Shonen Big Comic. Slow Step serialized in Ciao. Jinbē serialized in Big Comic Original. I haven't read any of these titles,actually I'm just in Volume 2 of Short Program right now.

Though from what I've read his not that popular (oh, really?). One of the reasons that I've seen is his artistic ability, his lack of detail in character designs and emotions, actually he has been accused of having his various heroes and heroines looks exactly the same with only minor hair variants and placid expressions. In fact its like seeing the same character in different setting. His drawings of character isn’t the best, it’s no where near it in fact and with that kind of drawing, it will surely sold poorly and would not go far. Well what else do you expect? In this manga industry where visual art and eye candy characters is the selling point (aside from the story itself, of course). I guess it seems to be Adachi’s style, it may take some time to get use to, but it’s actually not that bad and doesn’t hurt the quality of his stories.

Moreover, what makes him stand out among the rest is his unique humor and mild approach in romantic aspect with crushes, rivalries, that were so subtlety written (if you're into romantic manga, well, you'll get frustrated).

His humor and style is more down-to-earth and subtle. That part of him hit me and I understood it much better. Nothing too complicated, nothing too mind boggling. He has a funny, yet unique humour, I’m not quite sure how to label it, but it’s always a pleasure to read and snicker about it.
Most of his stories with bit of romance end with the two leads still not explicitly stating their feelings, choosing to hold hands, or having a kiss silhouetted or simply leaving the protagonist realized the truth and smile, an indication that it will have a good ending, everything is resolved and life goes on. A kind of ending that made some readers dissatisfied at the lack of a final explicit resolution. But an ending that made me wonder and think and satisfied.

Why not try reading his work and tell me your thoughts? Did I miss some points? I guess I am. ^_^.

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