Monday, August 05, 2013


Walang Sabit and In or Out by Sandara Park

Walang Sabit by Sandara Park 
Thanks to ayameyokomi for uploading this video, this rare clip is really hard to find today. Walang Sabit is a song from her Rejoice shampoo commercial.
 Sandara Park - In or Out Official MV (Eng Sub) 
 Thanks to WolfAnimeGurl115 for this clip and YGLadies for the eng sub.
Maybe these two songs were not an ultimate hit or something that hit the music billboard but I really find these so cute! ( there I go again for being so biased when it comes to Sandy - or Dara kekeke~). If you're not familiar with these songs, they were recorded from the Philippines, former song (Walang Sabit) or should I say "No Tangle" in English,  was from a shampoo commercial while the latter song's title - In or Out, was inspired from a talent search,where Dara's joined, that let her  'In or Out'.  

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