Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Bokura ga Ita (We Were There)

I picked this one because it was recommended by most netizen in manga world ,so I downloaded the whole series and read up to Volume 4. Then after that I dropped it,  maybe I'll read it someday, but not in the near future. It was so sad, emotional, and melodramatic. T^T. I'm not used to it, I can take a little drama in every genre whether its a rom-com, action, fantasy, super natural, or anything but, but not a whole drama series that made me cry, depressed, and some roller coaster emotions! *cry* cry*. Aaahh..the author was so great that her work can move and evoke such emotions. No wonder that it's an award winning manga.-  Shogakukan Manga Award.   

Synopsis from Upon starting her first year of high school, Takahashi Nanami, a somewhat clumsy girl, has trouble adjusting to her new life. There she meets fellow student Yano Motoharu, a well-liked, yet boorish boy and even though she finds him ambiguous and impolite at first, she quickly begins to develop feelings for him. While he is one of the most popular students in school, he is intensely hated by the girl that sits next to Takahashi in class, Yamamoto Yuri. Yano’s best friend, Takeuchi Masafumi later reveals to Takahashi that Yamamoto’s deceased sister was actually Yano’s ex-girlfriend.

Maybe I will finish it. Someday. 

And that piece above was written five days ago.

And I exactly wrote it there that I will not read this one right?
But I did!! it keeps on bugging me..after reading the first 4 volumes and stopped..I keep asking myself.."what will happen to them? what's next? what if.. what if..?"...aahhh!!

So I open my PC and read one sitting!

"Damn it! I knew's a roller coaster ride of emotions..ahhhh I hate this author for playing with my emotions! It's so cheesy and dramatic! There is nothing more complicated than youth in love! Those petty problems!on and off relationship! unrequited love and lies and all that! Watta hell! And its so depressing like hell! But why oh why I keep on reading it!!Damn!" - rant my
while reading it.

Nah. The reason why I keep on reading it even if it roused all my emotions,its because that's how beautiful this story was and how beautiful it was written.And I don't hate the author, I love you.

A long winding road...that even if you lost along the'll get there, to your destination, not by mere luck or fate or destiny..but by strong will, you never give up..No matter how long it will take you'll get there because someone at the end of this road, someone is waiting for you.

(Ahhhh!!! What was that??!! That...that melodramatic emo stunt?! I can't believe I wrote it!! Why am I getting emotional?!)

That's how weird I could get.^_^

Bokura Ga ita..Try this one, its really worth it.




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